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Rockwool cubes, Or Jiffy pellets

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Whats the best to use, the peat pellets, or rockwool? and should I soak them with straight water & a drop of superthrive, or just water..
Thanks a million, Ive got a rocklock fem, and a Lemon Skunk fem that are showing taproots.. Please give me some ideas.. Thanks
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Oh ya, guess that would help, Thanks Ms. fox... These are gonna probably be soil mothers for taking clones first, then hydro the clones... Thanks for the fast reply... also, do I leave the seed halves on when i put them into the medium, or just the taproot..
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ya, I can get the seed & taproot into it, Just was curious if it was worth trying to remove the seed shell. It would probably damage the root though, so Ill just do it all about 1/4" down.. Again, thanks fox for the quick reply..
+reps to u...
I used peat pellets the first time I tried growing from seed and had some luck with them...just watch them because the dry out super fast which is why I now go straight into soil and a pixie cup