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Hello everyone my name is Shawn David Meister.
I'm a Guitar Player and have toured all over this great country and overseas.
I'm also a Chef who has recently gotten into Cooking With Cannabis and I Love it.
Back in 2003 I was hit by a drunk driver and left for dead.
Lucky for me I Survived with only Nerve Damage on the left side of my body and a brain injury that left me in a Coma for 3 1/2 Months.
For 3 Years I suffered from Seizures and horrific headaches.
I never did drugs until a friend of mine told me about the benefits of Marijuana and how it could help me with my headaches and my Seizures.
Thanks to my friend I stopped having the headaches and my Seizures were cut in half.
Now I'm making Cannibutter, Oils and Tinctures, I'm also making edibles and I Love them.
I don't know where I would be today health wise if it weren't for Marijuana.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Shawn David Meister aka ChefMeister
:welcome: Chef!

Great to have you on board. Let's get cookin'!
Hi Chef!

Welcome to the magazine! I hope you make yourself comfortable. There's a lot of great things that happen around here all the time and we'd appreciate it if you were apart of it!

We would love to see your creations. Consider checking out this page. We'd love to see and learn from you! The Cannabis Kitchen - Cooking With Cannabis

I look forward to seeing you around!

All the best!
Welcome Chef,
Sorry to hear your story but I am glad you were able to get relief from the suffering.
Like the rest, I am looking forward to what delicious recipes you have come up with.

If you have not noticed, this community is strongly built on sharing information and building lasting friendships. When it comes to cooking with MJ, I am totally lost so you can be sure I will be paying attention and taking notes when ever you feel like sharing any of your knowledge. As of right now I only have one recipe for brownies.

Welcome Chef,

When you are ready to get your cookbook together, I can help if you need it. Once a full-time journalist, now working in the marijuana industry, the itch to write still begs to be scratched at times, and your story would be a great tribute to the medicinal properties of cannabis.
Keep me in mind and Welcome to the 420 Community and best of luck on your continued recovery.
I'm a bit confused about the music comment.
This is all new to me. :Namaste::Namaste:

If you want to you can send me a private E-mail here.
Seen the blog, didnt notice this here until now.

So, like most others, i too want your food/recipes! But one cant cook someone elses recipe unless hes listening to someone elses tunes, hint hint wink wink :theband::battingeyelashes:
I'm a bit confused about the music comment.
This is all new to me.

If you want to you can send me a private E-mail here.
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