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Hey guys i wanted to show you a lil light i put together for some testing and a lil vegging till mid january. As you may noticed me posting all over the place about a couple of different ideas, so once again. :)

this is the Vero 29.7 (3500K80Cri) cooled by Alpine 11 Pro good for about 90 Watts like Arctic writes on their papers, more like 75 for LED the salesman told me.

COBs are powered by Meanwell ELG150C1750B with a 100k Potentiometer and a 10K Resistor. The lights run at about 10 to 68 Watts each.

The Fans are Powered by a 10V Transformator for Miniature Railroads, 0-10V, up to10 Amps. On this setup it sucks 7 watts at full speed. The watts you will see below are lights only

The Fixture is temporary, no screws at all. Just elastic tape, kapton thermal tape and Arctic MX4 were used to hold this together. It is pretty simple and pretty robust. Check out some pictures i made

I am worried about that temperatures. Got any numbers whats right?
The Heatsink is cool at 26 Celsius what should be 78F. Is this normal or is there no good heat transportation?





Cool. I'm considering ditching my Mars hydro light for one of these builds. Assuming this is inspired by the GM5 kits.

The Mars light did a decent job for me. But I feel like I could get even better results from one of these.

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Yeah i watch alot of Growmau5 and his videos tought me alot. What mars you have?

I am wondering that there is so little info out there on the temperatures of the COBS Orange Surface.
I would assume from my previous attempt at making a grow light. But I was using those stupid blurple LEDs from e bay. They got to about 200 degrees after a couple hours. And poof. The higher quality product you have here should be able to withstand some abuse.

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I'm actually going to be doing an XML2 build soon. Once I get the holidays out of the way. My birthday is soon after. So I know I'll have some extra cash lying around

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I'm in a micro grow. 24" tall 24" wide 12" deep. So I need a low profile light. That I can smash to the ceiling and also get close to the plant. Debating on 10 or 20. I'm thinking 10 might not be enough for late flower. But the 10 are enough to replace a t5 fixture. According to GM5's build video. So it's kinda a experiment I guess.
I currently have a Mars hydro light. And it's too much. I'm getting light bleaching on all the cola tips. It's not a bad light. I just can't give the plants the proper space.
I'm gonna check up on the light output if the mars and try and come close.

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If I could go bigger I would. I live in a small apartment. So there literally is no where to put a tent. Once I purchase a house. It's a different story

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I found a 2x3x7 in huge old wardrobe. I had a tent before but it was way too big with its 3,3x3,3. Now i am almost stealth besides a little fan noise. If my vent in that room is running you can stand next to it without noticing :) when i saved the money i go for a big ultrasilent fan and a silencer but for now i spend all my hobby budget on aluminum, drivers and cobs .

How much are you yielding im average? I keep my yields a lil lower because i dont need much (0,2-0,5g /24h) and i dont want to be busted with an unnecessary ammount of my medicinal plants. This is kinda good. You can Experiment with different techniques and can see the positive or negative outcome without minding the loss on yield too much when you did something that might not was the best idea youve ever had.but i guess with this new lights its gonna hard not to push it to the limits :)
I get small yields. It's just for fun. I'm a quality snob. So that's what I'm after.

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If you dim them right you can get these bigger cobs pretty close. 2-4 Cobs on that small grow at a superlow wattage would be pretty awesome. But i guess you will do it right. Just sayin. I am new to them too and i am really impressed
2 of the big boys would be overkill for my teeny ass box. Even dimmed down.

I plan on running 2 of these with some modifications. 10 Solderless LED Low Profile Rooting Kit - Rapid LED

Side by side. With an option to run one at a time. I'm gonna wire in some switches for the 2 drivers.
I need my little buddy to do it all. Seed to finished flower.

One of these might be enough for my little box. To get some seeds going. Or veg a small mom. But like I said. I need this small box to do it all. So I have the option to kick it to high when I want to flower if the one by itself is not enough.

The big wafer cobs are bad ass. But I can't afford having those big pin style heatsinks in my tiny area.

I have dreams of building a 4x4 monster like the man himself has a few of. Lol.

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I use 2 of them for clones at ~7W each at the moment. Not overkill, small heatsinks, handwarm. They are flexible. ~7 to 68w in ten steps with my driver. Maybe one would be enough for your box. How close they have to grow to the light? Are you scrogging? A single CLU0481212 would cost you 10 bucks, a small heatsink with a fan another 10. 117,5W@2760mA. If you use a 1050mA driver for example you could dim it from ~5 to ~45W without dealing with multiple lights. And they are pretty efficient at that wattages too for a very low price.
I dont scrog. I like to be able to take my plants out to water in or near the sink. Ive been known to sit them on the bench outback for a few hours in the summer while enjoying a fat one.;) But I do top and LST with garden wire. Which is pretty much the same thing.
This go round, my first run in this box. I did 2 1gal smart pots which sit 6" high. So that's the end of the ground and start of your plant. my box is 24" tall minus the 4" for the mars light. that gives me 14" of growing space before I come in contact with the light itself. So as you can see I need every inch I can get.
Ive thought about doing a single CXB but thought there wouldn't be enough room for the light to cone out and dissipate properly. Which is why I was opting to go with the multi XML setup. My plan is to turn the long heat sinks into the ceiling of my box. with the XML's spaced evenly. Do a single plant, possibly one of my 2 clones if they ever pop root. Which isnt a bad thing im still cooking this one lol. In a 2 gal smart pot, possibly cut down. I'm going to try the Fluxing method that's been shown on this forum. I think its my best bet for an even spread, and a decent yield.
sorry for rambling... you know how it goes..:tokin:
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