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Ok, some of you may already know I have another thread started for my
"1st" Hydro Grow. I'm still waiting on the rest of my seeds to come, so in the meantime I decided to grow 5 "test" plants using unknown bag seed. This way I get a chance to test the system before risking a good crop. I opened this thread because I want the original thread to be dedicated to the (good) seed grow and not filled up with the "test" grow stuff. I think I made sense there :grinjoint: .
Here is where we're at now.
I planted 6 seeds in Rapid Rooter (works great btw) which I placed in a humidity dome. Once the first seedling sprouted I turned on the 400 MH light and raised it about 4 feet high. Once they got about 3 inches tall I placed them in the Rainforest with nutes. all measurements I give will be per/gallon.

The first 8 days they had 2.5 ML FloraGro - 2.5 ML FloraMicro - 2.5 ML FloraBloom.

Then I changed the nutes to 12.5 ML FloraGro - 7.5 ML FloraMicro - 2.5 ML FloraBloom.

I'm now on day 10 in the grow.

Here are a bunch of pics of the grow to get you up to date. A few of these were already posted in my other thread.

I filled one side of the double sink with 16 gallons of water (max water for the rainforest) The other side has about 60 lbs of Hydroton for my EBB & FLO system I'm using for flowering



I can't post any of my seedling pics I have in the gallery at this time. I think they're still working on the site. Once it's fixed I'll update with seedling pics and current pics of the plants.
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damn that an awesome setup u have there looks great. cant wait for some more pics.
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awesome pics man. your little girls are gonna be growin up so quickly before u know it.
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DAY 10

There was alot of growth in 2 days do to me leaving the rainforest on for 24 hours straight 1 day by accident. I have a timer set to water for 1/2 hour then off 1 hour through out the day normally. which gives it a total of 8 hours watering a day. check out the pics :cheesygrinsmiley:

Here's the runt, seems like everyone has atleast 1 :grinjoint:



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Thanks for the compliment Oldbongman, but it's not deserved yet. Takes alot of grows to deserve a compliment like that. I only have 1 under my belt, which was about 2 years ago. 2 plants in a small closet in soil.

I just went to the hydro store and basically bought stuff that I thought was the best. And ofcourse the guy selling me everything was more then happy to agree with me. We'll see how it works out soon enough:smokin:
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I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!! Looks like 2 of the plants are getting nute burn. I'm not sure cause I've never seen it before. the bottom leaves on 1 is turning blotchy brown. when i touch it it cracks. the other is the same. I do have the biggest and nicest plant right next to those with no probs at all. "YET". Here is the detailed info

Water Temp 78 F
Air Temp 80.5 F
Humidity 45 percent
PH 5.8
Nute PPM 850
using 12.5 ML FloraGro - 7.5 ML FloraMicro - 2.5 ML FloraBloom PER GALLON

Only thing that happened out of the ordinary was nute increasment. and leaving the nute sprayer on 24 hours tuesday and thursday which shouldnt be a prob according to the hydro store. I like to turn on and off in cycles to promote root growth which the hydro store recommended.
Alot of the roots are swimming in the nute solution. Solution is only about 4 inches below bottom of plant holders. Which is where it has to be. Here are some pictures.




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