The path to medical


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Hello. I am a computer programmer. at least I used to be.

It started a few years ago when I got hit by a drunk driver. I had to go down to a server room and fix some stuff on one of my programming machines. I had been drinking right before I got the call. So I did the responsible thing and had my brother drive me down to the server room.

On our way back while stopped at a red light, we were hit by a drunk driver and my car was smashed up underneath a Bronco. I spent years in therapy and lost most of my clients. the few that I kept ended up eventually moving all the work they had me doing, overseas and phased me out completely.

Here it is only 2 and a half years later and I'm completely jobless, out of money and since the insurance company settled for the cost of medical I'm out on my butt. I cant get a normal job anymore cause the pain is sometimes out of this world. Now I'm living at my parents house again (How Humiliating) begging for money to get the occasional bit of weed.

I'm not legal yet but I want to be. I'm pretty good at what I do but all the work is overseas now. And without being medicated I cant even get out in town to do the computer work i am so good at.

If I can get my medication on a regular basis, maybe I can get back to the work I love the best. Working with computers. I don't like being useless and would like to get my life back.

Thank you for your compassion and I will remain hopeful for the future.
Re: the path to medical.

Hi Debilitated, :welcome: to the 420Magazine forums.
Sorry to hear of your troubles.
We are hoping you the best in whatever do.
Enjoy the forums. I'll see you around.
Re: the path to medical.

i hope you live in a state that allows medical bud, last count was 14 states. good luck with everything and nice to have you here
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