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Transplanted small outdoor plant indoors - Dying fast


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I found this growing outdoors, probably from the people that lived here before me, and decided to transplant it and move it inside so it dont freeze in a few weeks.

When i transplanted the plant all leaves were bold green and it wasnt even slightly limp but moving it seems to have killed it.

I grabbed a pot, put some potting soil in it, dug up the plant but it was in very rocky soil so it was crumbly and the soil fell right off the roots. The plant also had a very small amount of roots or they possibly broke off I was very careful removing it.

I watered the new soil well, placed the plant in, added more soil around the plant then watered it again thoroughly.

First after about 8 hours the plant went extremely limp and gradually got worse. Now the plant seems to have stopped going limp and started to brown and get brown spots.

What I would like to know is it worth continuing to bother with this plant? It's doomed right?

also is it even marijuana at all?


Bud Good

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That middle pic doesn't look anything like cannabis to me. The top and bottom pics do a little bit. I doubt it's cannabis, but it's a freebie, so you have nothing to lose letting it grow a bit longer.
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