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what yield could I expect


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I'm new to the forum. I been paranoid most of my life, hard for me to post stuff like this but times are changing. I'm not new to growing but all done is guerrilla grows and I'm new to the indoor grow. I'm using a 400 watt mh for veg and hps for flower and the sweet girl is dutch passion blueberry in a 5 gallon air pruning pot with fox farms ancient forest. I been feeding her sensi grow 2 part and I have sensi bloom 2 part for when I switch lighting. In the grow room picture it shows a dwc bucket but me being a dumbass let a fruit fly get in my res and cause horrible root rot. Roots were almost black, it was bad, but it's my first hydro setup ever. Got lucky she lived. These seeds are expensive to get shipped overseas. But I was going to see if anyone with experience would be able to tell me what I could expect if I flipped the plant to flower this weekend. Want some Christmas bud for Christmas.im just curious since this is my first inside grow. Oh yeah and the plant is a little over a foot tall.


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Rule of thumb is one gram per watt, but don't take that to the bank.
There are SO many variables ... it's kind of like asking "How many miles per gallon should I get?" Without knowing: make, model, year. What kind of vehicle? Motorcycle? One ton truck? Towing? Weather? etc. etc.
It took me many years to achieve a gram per watt ...
But, the journey IS the fun part.


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Its already been a month. I forgot about this post. I went another week in veg and right now she is filling under the light nicely. I should clear two Oz no problem. May be a 400 watt light but I got 65000 lumens at the top of the canopy Air cool hood for the win. I am 21 days into flower and another 6 weeks to go.
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