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So I'm 27 and I live in Reno NV and I'm having a serious go at growing for the first time.
My ladies well hopefully they are ladies are 30 days young. I'm using organic soil and I have them in 3gal and 5 gallon pots they are outside for the most part. I have only been feeding them water until recently I started giving them water soluble nitrogen. We have had a lot of rain and low temps so I brought them inside and I only have one 250 watt heat lamp and two 75 watt halogen natural light flood bulbs. Their leaves have started to droop and curl a bit at night and I'm wondering why?


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Hi Sow2Grow775 and welcome to the best site promoting cannabis awareness to end prohibition :420: :welcome:

The best thing for plant problems is to post There is a complete guide to that in New Member Start Links plus a whole lot more really useful information. If you don't get the answer here you could also try posting in FAQs

Also, can you post more specs on your bulbs? Could be a heat issue too.

:welcome: :Namaste:


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yeah djames said pretty much what I would of said. Halogen lights are just barely more effective then using a incandescent bulb but give off more heat its why most all you can eat buffets use them to keep the food hot all day. 250 watt heat lamp what is that a hps? If it is a hps(high pressure sodium) or mh(metal hallide) then it should suffice since most of the growing is done outside. As long as you keep the light on it to prevent it from triggering flowering and you have a decent temp you can use any light but that halogen to stop flowering from triggering. Welcome to the forums.
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