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I have 2 plants that I started from seed on nov 15 in 1 gal pots and they are about 9in tall now ... was wondering when would be a good time to transplant into 5 gal pots ? they are purple kush and seem to be doing great !! thanks for the help :)
This is my purple kush. I should have transplanted two weeks ago.


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as soon as your rootball is sufficiently dense to be able to use all the water you can give it, in 24 hours or less. There is no other justification for up-potting.
cool its been 3 days and need to water tomorrow
I personally appreciate using oversized pots. But I like to water infrequently AND still use fabric pots. That way I can be lazy in multiple ways and still be alright. Keep it easy on myself.

I try to transplant 1 time or less. But that is because I am stubborn and not because it is better on speed or weight. I used to transplant a lot. There are many ways to grow.

I am lazy now and just growing small so I try to keep it easy. That doesn't mean there isn't easier. There are many kinds of easy.

If you know what you are doing you can go no drain and grow in totes but that is more difficult. I used to do that but don't now. Ibrrybto keep things simple now so I can ignore my grow when I want to.

Now a days...I like to repot infrequently and water infrequently.

So I use big pots. Doesn't mean I am right, I am just keeping it easier on myself...from my perspective.

I used to use small pots. I ran a bunch of 3s in my last grow. I only have 3s now but I will repot these soon. If I am going to repot a good sized plant I like to try and time it for bloom and put some hot compost in the bottom at transition. That is my plan on this grow. 3 gallon on seeds. In about 2 weeks I will repot into 5 on top of hot compost and bloom.

That is just one way I like to do it. I haven't done it this way in a while. Last grow in layered the soul in a big pot so the roots would take time to get there.

The layered method I like to use in soil actually calls for pots not less than 10 gallons and prefers 20 or bigger as it was made for outdoor.... and I use it down to 3 indoor...but it gets messed up trying to manage the roots not getting there too fast in a small pot.

The bigger Pots are easier to manage roots hitting compost later.

So like...different sizes for different methods really more so than time IMO.
6 weeks old from seed.

That may well require another few weeks estimated before repotting & another couple of weeks to settle in before flowering etc

I use pots much smaller, but my own grows are very dialled in less growing a new strain which freaks me out ?


The above is a 3 week old from sprout aprox grown in a 5 cm by 5 cm pot before repotting to 6L air pot this will be grown on for another 4 to 5 weeks depending on strain vigour/growth... yup that is all i use & must admit i do use 11L fabric pots these days with same method.

As you can see in the pic the repotted plant should have a suitable root ball with this, it may be checked by gently placing thumb & forefinger between plant stem & gently tapping base of pot in till mass is removed for further inspection but suitable time should be allowed to or in till experience gained in such matters :green_heart:
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