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    My plants are yellowing and I need help

    Hi there ive got some girls going and they were going pretty good until recently we just had 2 days of rain which i thought wouldnt be too bad as it was only light, but now my plants are yellowing and im lost for why?, would it be nitrogen deficiency or pests? I water every 3-4 days and use...
  2. B

    Possible White Powdery Mildew?

    long story short my plant(about week 3 of veg) has been growing kind of odd and has grown leaves with chunks missing from them so I’ve been monitoring it looking for pests and I just started to notice some little white spots on some of the leaves. Is it WPM or something else? Thank you in advance.
  3. phiGweed

    Any Ideas On Possible Deficiencies?

    Hello again everyone!! I’ve been trying to compare this look to those in my weed bible and have my thoughts on phosphorus due to the “blotchy” look.. possibly even iron because I see dark marks but I also have no idea. What do you guys think? Only 2 out of 5 look like this and have all been...
  4. Guessyet.jpg


    What is it ?
  5. Sangmang

    Thrips & fungus gnats on sticky card near seedlings: Is spinosad safe?

    I found a few small thrips and several fungus gnats on the yellow sticky card I have hanging next to my 5 day old seedlings. It's a 6x6 tent that also includes house plants and some peppers and tomatoes. My veg/mother space will remain to be shared with my partners houseplant business but i'll...
  6. Bill284

    Help, broad mites

    Hey has anyone used a product called ferminator plant wash for broad mites. if not is there any suggestions to kill them.
  7. Bill284

    Mites, pests

    Does anyone have any experience using my good green Ferminator plant wash for mites? Is there anything available in Canada you could recommend for Broad mites? Thanks
  8. 20200705_134539.jpg


    Possibly Golden beetle eggs since they were spotted
  9. Pest ID

    Pest ID

    Is this a slug or snail doing this?
  10. Unknown pest

    Unknown pest

    Blew Hiller GH Grow Summer 2019
  11. J Obadiah

    Let's Talk Fungus Gnats

    What to do about Fungus Gnats... J Obadiah Whether indoors or outdoors, we have all most likely encountered pests, rodents, or insects. Good & bad, these insects can be a blessing or a curse in your garden. Of all the insects which impact a healthy Cannabis plant, the Fungus Gnat is among the...
  12. G

    Plant Issue and small unknown bug

    Help Please. I have been growing for 2 years and never had an issue with pests until recently. I recently just dealt with fungus gnats (probably because i was watering a bit too much). Hit them with a few different safe organic things such as BT and Tanlin Drops...
  13. Growingasmile

    Thrips on clones

    something is eating my new leafs on the new clones I got and after a bit of research it appears I have a pest that needs to be handled, I have used a cinnamon, organic soap, and spicy peppers mix for my girls last time but the cinnamon and spicy stayed behind on the finished product.. what's the...
  14. G

    Root aphids

    I have a 130 gallon current culture DWC system. I’m having trouble getting rid of these root aphids that are inside my system in my roots. I have spray to spray the plants on the outside to kill them , But I don’t know what I can run inside my system that can soak all the roots without killing...
  15. Odd white patch Mon Aug 20 19-05-28 (2).jpg

    Odd white patch Mon Aug 20 19-05-28 (2).jpg

    Top of leaf white mass
  16. Dots Mon Aug 20 19-06-28 Dots.jpg

    Dots Mon Aug 20 19-06-28 Dots.jpg

    White dots mostly under side of leaves
  17. Leaf Damage 1.jpg

    Leaf Damage 1.jpg

    Leaf Damage
  18. Leaf Damage.jpg

    Leaf Damage.jpg

    Leaf Damage - need a diagnosis!
  19. cater.jpg


    Blew Hiller GH Summer Grow
  20. cater.jpg


    Tent Cat- Blew Hiller GH Summer Grow
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