1. T

    Chunky Cherry Thai Pheno Hunt: TLO Seeded Buds Run With Clones Taken For Flowering Seedless Later On, Dry Sift Hash From Seeded Buds & Seeds

    Hello, I will be posting my new progress here again, thank you all for your patience in my hiatus. Update you all soon Thanks, Tractor Organics
  2. G

    Northern Maine 2021 Outdoor Grow

    First time documenting a grow. Got about 30 plants, all from seed. Location is very far north - 3+ hours north of Bangor. Interested to see how these perform compared to previous grows more than 500 miles south of here. Really just documenting this for my own records but would love some advice...
  3. Emilya Green

    420 Magazine's Official Girl Scout Cookies Comparative Grow By Emilya

    According to the tracking information, I will have a FedEx package at my door this afternoon, so I am going to get this journal started now, so that I have a place to post the picture of the package as it arrives. Here is the traditional start of a journal picture of the finished product that I...
  4. Gaffle

    Gaffles Perpetually Positive Adventures with Growing

    July 4th 2020 Hello 420ers! I have decided to come back and make a journal. My goal is to grow great weed while faking around here and there. I originally made a spot under my stairs for growing. That worked out well but space limitations became annoying, so, during the Rona, I finally...
  5. Emilya Green

    Emmie's Berry D'licious 2019 True Living Organic: No AACT, SCROG, COB, SuperSoil Production Grow & Seed Run

    I will be growing out a special gift that came just for me from @santero, the well known German breeder, called Berry D-licious ... a cross between Shishkaberry x Sour Diesel. Thanks San! From Leafly: Shishkaberry, or “Kish,” is an indica-dominant hybrid that came about from crossing DJ Short...
  6. misfits666

    Water & hydrogen peroxide into super soil for sterilization, then?

    hello for all of you fantastic growers.. yesterday i pour 1 liter of water mixed with hydrogen peroxide into my super soil mix... then today i got this white stuff on my soil.. is it dangerous?? or is it good mycellium?? please help me guys.. peace and love for all of you..✌️❤️
  7. jodyhighrollr

    Been growing for a year now

    Hey everybody. My alias is on here is Jodyhighrollr but my name is Shane. I live in Maine where it is legal medically and for recreational use. I started in a small a year ago 3x4x6.5' tent and quickly realized it wasn't big enough and bought a 10x10x7' tent. I started with LED am on my third...
  8. jodyhighrollr

    Jodyhighrollr's Cluster Bomb 2018

    Hey everybody. Thanks for viewing my post. I just want to fill you in with some of my experience so far. I have successfully harvested two grows so far and have learned a decent amount along the way. I started with all LEDS with my first grow. Jodyhighrollr - Soil - Kali & The Chocolate Factory...
  9. nobodyhere

    DP Auto Duck Inside & Out With BOG Bogglegum Inside Under Cob

    Welp, after a couple months off I am back. I had to breakdown the tent for some crawlspace work this spring. Now that is done so I can soak some seeds. BOG Bogglegum-Last year I tried a photo for my 1st grow, they looked excellent, but were males. I dropped three of those seeds in tap water to...
  10. W

    2nd Grow 1 Seed Midnight Snow x LED Gooey

    Popped a seed that was given to me. I only germinated 1 because I had a couple others that just sprouting this other 2 died. Not sure why both sprouted with yellow leaves then died right after. So we'll see if this 1 will be a female. Wish me luck. Strain: midnight snow x Led Gooey In...
  11. Gee64

    Gee's First Grow - Supersoil Fully Organic LED 2017

    Welcome to Gee's first attempt at indoor growing and first grow since 1982. The seeds are: Crop King Seeds 3 Cali OG Kush/Haze 3 Green Crack 3 Durban Poison All are feminized and all with a 9-10 week flowering time. 1 Kingdom Organic Seeds Hemmy Black non-feminized. My tent is a 5 x 5...
  12. MotaFina

    MotaFina - 2nd Indoor Grow - Damnesia & Special Kush - Supersoil - HID

    Hey everyone! So, this is my 2nd grow since the old days. Here are the details: Strains: Damnesia and Special Kush #1 Environment: Indoors in a 4x4 grow tent Lighting: CFLs for seeding, 400w MH for Veg, 1000w HPS for flowering Medium: I'm using a Supersoil mix that is based on Subcool's...
  13. R

    Hello from the great NW!

    New to the 420 mag threads and forums ready to sponge up as much info as i can before i start my second grow ;) Just got the perfect job working in a dispensary now time time to get my green thumbs to work! My stance on Marijuana you may ask!? "High"very "high" indeed!Looking for a supersoil to...
  14. Emilya Green

    Emmie's Feminised Seeds: Super Iced Grapefruit, 2016 Journal

    Here we go with a new one... A plant that I started 6 days ago is doing pretty well, so lets start up a journal so that anyone thinking about this strain can get some idea what she looks like. This will be an organic soil grow. She was started out in a solo cup, layered with supersoil in the...
  15. zacmac

    Zacmac's Grow Journal

    first legal documented grow. Let the fun begin...... genetics: 10 outdoor mix female sweet seeds (minus one seedling the cat took out) 1 Dineafem og kush 1 Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk Sprouted in 18-28 hours in paper towel method. All born on 3-15-16 Medium: after germination...
  16. Emilya Green

    Emmie's Organic Garden Using Advanced Lighting Techniques

    Thank you for clicking onto my thread, I hope that it will prove to be interesting for you. I am growing in a 2 part mixture following the recommendations and recipe provided by SubCool a few years back. My base soil is a 3:1 mixture of a common Hardware Store Organic soil and a very rich...
  17. ThcSnow

    Sc supersoil and Myco inoculation drench?

    So I grow in subcools supersoil first recipe and I'm wondering if it's safe to use Myco Fusion green 110. I have been in flower for 2 weeks and one guy jeeps telling me to use it but I'm leery because my plant has been doing awesome! I posted in the soil section but it seem like it takes...
  18. ThcSnow

    Supersoil Myco Inoculation Drench?

    I am wondering if it's safe to use water soluble Mycos in sub's supersoil? Any help would be awesome because I can't find anything saying it's a good idea or not!!
  19. ThcSnow

    ACT Tea Help!

    So the ingredients I have to my disposal are Peruvian seabird guano Alaska hummus Worm castings Liquid Kelp Humic acid Azomite Alaskan fish emulsion 5-1-1 I am in the second week of flowering and I'm wondering what mix of this stuff would do well in subcool original supersoil! I think I'm...
  20. Organic Weed

    Supersoil Variant - 3 Strains - 18 Liter - Soil - 250/400 HPS - 2014

    Hello Folks I'm posting this thread only half a way my budding cycle but I will write a few posts with pictures to track the developments since the beginning What strain is it? 1 Northern Light (100% indica) White label, 1 White Widow (60% sativa, 40% indica) Sensiseeds, 1 Kosher Kush (90%...
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