Gee's First Grow - Supersoil Fully Organic LED 2017


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Welcome to Gee's first attempt at indoor growing and first grow since 1982.

The seeds are:

Crop King Seeds
3 Cali OG Kush/Haze
3 Green Crack
3 Durban Poison
All are feminized and all with a 9-10 week flowering time.

1 Kingdom Organic Seeds Hemmy Black

My tent is a 5 x 5 Gorilla grow tent and the light is a PerfectSun Goliath 570 watts at the wall with the PerfectSun full spectrum.

Soil is from Blue Sky Organics and its going to be a side by side experiment/comparison.

All the plants are being vegged in Blue Sky Organics Supersoil (which is very similar to Rev's) and have Rev's veg spikes and layers added. Also Rev's teas are being used but I will try Blue Sky teas as well.

For flowering one of each will be grown in the Blue Sky Organics Supersoil using their feeding products and schedule. One of each will be grown in Rev's Supersoil recipe using Rev's spike and layer system as well as his teas and his book, True Living Organics, for guidance and tips. The third of each will be grown in Rev's soils with Rev's spikes and layers but with Blue Sky Organics nutrients and teas on their feeding schedule.

The tenth plant is the Hemmy Black from Rev's Kingdom Organics Seed Company and it will be grown in his system as well.

Both Blue Sky and Rev's True Living Organics systems are fully organic soil systems that rely on microbes to do the dirt(y) work.

My wife and partner in crime has made me 10 2.5 gallon smart pots out of landscape fabric for veg and is currently making me 10 10 gallon ones for flower.

The mainlining or manifolding system is what I am going to use for plant training.

My hopes are for an end result of some extremely good fully organic buds.

The Cropking seeds were all dropped into water on August 9th and into rapidrooters on Augist 10th. They all sprouted on August 12th.
They went into solo cups until August 26th when they were up-potted to the 2.5 gal smart pots.

On August 28th i soaked a Hemmy Black seed and on the 30th it sprouted from the rapidrooter. It is behind but its 100% sativa and catching up quickly. I will grow 1 Hemmy Black every grow until I have pollen to make my own Hemmy seed crop.

The manifold system is working quite well. I just topped all plants for the 3rd time going to 8 tops each, except for 3 of them. 16 tops each is my goal and maybe 1 plant to 32 just to try it.

The Hemmy Black will remain untopped until it catches up.

-One Cali OG split when I bent the 2 tops over after the first topping and one side died. The other side is perfect and the plant adapted and is at 4 tops instead of 8 but otherwise perfectly healthy.

The 3rd is interesting. Its a whorled phyllotax (3 leaves per node instead of 2) so the first topping took it to 3 tops. After that it corrected itself to 2 leaves per node so instead of 8 tops it is going to 12 tops after the 3rd topping.

The Cali OG and the Durban Poison are far more robust than the Green Crack so far and the Hemmy Black is a beast that is quickly catching up to the rest.

Other than the initial seed soakings all water is RO PHed to 6.4-6.5 and every second watering contains Blue Sky's Fert - A - Live which is an organic cold brewed fish fertilizer but the cold brewing gives it no fishy smell whatsoever. Its also added to RO water and used as a foliar spray midway between waterings.

The sprouts were all popped under T5 bulbs and transferred to the Goliath. This is when and where I screwed them up a bit. Neil at Perfectsun says keep the light at 5 feet for seedlings. It was convenient for me to have it closer to 4 feet and it weighs 65 pounds so I got lazy and placed them under but they stressed immediately and got slightly light burned. I raised it to 56 inches (4 ft 8 inches) and the plants exploded! They love this Goliath. After adding the Hemmy Black to the tent I thought "Lets lower the light" and I took it- to 44 inches. Booooooommm.... light burn #2 so the light is back to 56 inches and the plants are so happy again. Lesson learned. I will leave it there now and let the plants climb to the light. Luckily my wife caught the light stress early on both occasions and we
raised it. Growth is fast and stems are thick at that height and I have roots poking through the smart pots, self pruning from the tops of the pots to the bottom so I will leave the light alone now. Part of the manifolding process is to strip older lower growth so the light stressed leaves are almost gone.

Ventilation is 2 small usb fans on the floor to get air flow on the smart pots and a 16 inch oscillating fan on the canopy with a CanFilter 33 and an inline Vortex S-Line 6" fan. More oscillating fans can be added if and when needed.

My wife is very supportive and has a philosophy of "Just buy the good one first instead of buying junk you will replace later" so I am starting out with some good stuff. (Yes I fully understand just how lucky I am to have her)

I'm an anything goes as long as its not rude or derogatory kind of guy, so please feel free to talk about or bring up any topics in here that you want. I'm interested in anything you have to say and anything you want to talk about and above all I love humor so please join me in this grow and feel free to invite anybody here to come join in your own grow.

It takes a whole community to raise 10 green daughters!!
The Rev's seeds are very interesting indeed. Mainly sativas and all are climatized to living organics

Yeah interesting for sure, I seen a few indicas in there, but I would try some of those seeds in my soil. Going to keep working on my soil organisms and maybe start a bit of a compost/worm farm with a portion of my it. I made a lot lol. I have a garbage bin 3/4 full and another 42 gallon storage container full. Still have to transplant 5 plants into 5 gallon pots but, going to have a ton left. Might as well have some of it working in anticipation of the next round.

Really want to see what the living organic soil can grow as far as connoisseur grade cannabis is concerned
I topped the main stem above the 3rd node and stripped the leaves and branches off of the first and second nodes. That gave me 2 tops. Above the first node of each new top I topped again, that took it to 4 tops. Then topped those to 8 tops and now I justed topped those 8 to 16. I will top 1 plant to 32 just to see but the rest will stay at 16. As long as the plant has symetrical branches on each node when topped all tops will grow almost identical in height so the canopy will be easy to manage. If the branches start to stagger on the nodes I wont top any further as the higher stagger will become dominant over the lower.
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