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first legal documented grow. Let the fun begin......

10 outdoor mix female sweet seeds (minus one seedling the cat took out)
1 Dineafem og kush
1 Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk

Sprouted in 18-28 hours in paper towel method.

All born on 3-15-16

Medium: after germination all seeds placed into solo cups with 80% pro mix 20% added perlite.

Permanent medium: dug 3 foot by 3 foot holes and filled with 50% subcool soil mix, 50% pro mix and existing soil from garden last year and added perlite. Seedlings will be in hoophouse last weedend in March. Temp in hoophouse been low 50's in late night early morn consistently and low 70's during afternoon with 11-13 hours of sun/daylight. Outside temps have been between 36 in morn to 55 afternoon highs. Hoophouse dimensions are 15x12 almost 8ft tall.

feeding: ewc,compost, molasses, alaska seaweed/kelp extract, tea. Used as foliar every other.

Needed still: humidity detector, as i have no clue what the humidity is lately.

First time growing without hiding it, first time growing in hoophouse, first time having no clue what 80% of my plants are !!!! wow looking back an reading this im a perpetual mess. Livin an learin an hopin to have some fun an laughs along the way.
pretty much same reasons's the best I could find without having to drive more then halfway across the state just to get a bag of soil. what line are you using? I have the pot of gold bag..the orange one

Oh no l, sorry for misunderstanding, my medium is the big bail of pro mix, an my own added perlite, then I followed subcool soil recipe, what I meant by Dr earth was all the ingredient that were available. Guano, blood meal etc. They do sell a big bag right next to the fox farm soil. It's black n grey bag, it sells faster than the ff. As for nutes throughout grow I'm using compost tea. Sorry if I misled.
How has that worked out? I looked at your pics in the grow but only saw pics very young. I try to steer away from all the bottles and schedules. For me its just way easier. I am interested in your results as to what you think did, or what it didnt, and what you would do differently. Sorry for all the questions, Just interested, they are also all available on the shelf where i purchased the other dr. earth products.
as far as I can say for it, it didn't hurt my plants 1 bit. the ones I got now have been growing slow cause I'm assuming they're old a$$ bag seeds....the one I have is the pot of gold organic has more then everything you'd need for the early life of the can also make compost tea with the soil rather than buying nutes...[basically soak the soil in 3-4 gallons of water to extract all the goodness out of it]. the Dr earth lines also include the mycorrhizae, which is excellent for root health
overall I couldn't see why it was a bad soil, I wouldn't judge it by my grow until I get things actually figured out and running smoothly. this is also my first indoor grow, so I'm not used to having to control all the variables. I like nature telling me what I have to do. if you look at my page I have a grow/feed schedule for Dr earth products. good luck!
Planted in their permanent home this afternoon. watered with rain water. purchased air pump, gang valve an some air hose today, along with organic molasses. Tomorrow will be looking for dr earth compost, an some fish slop. Hopefully next year my compost pile will be far enough along an enough. Till then ill stick with the dr. as I did with the rest to test. Trying to come up with an amount of tea per plant as their in the ground. Perhaps half gallon per to start an rest as a foliar. Seems like a good place to start. Brew to consist of:

per 5 gallons

1.5 pounds compost
4 tablespoons liquid black strap molasses
2 tablespoons of liquid kelp
3 teaspoons fish emulsion
1 tablespoon humic acid

(fish,kelp, humic, added at end)
There is 11 seedlings somehow i missed or lost track during upload, the only ones I know are labeled

So theres been a game changer. Today the misses and i took the lil one out for her bday dinner. Down the road there is a Family Farm an Home, she wanted to see the baby chickens an ducks. I head to the garden section but before i could even get 10 feet in the store i look over on a little 5 shelf rack i see a few bottles of fox farm an i recognized the frog on a bag, my instant thought was this is odd as ive been in this store dozens of times an never seen them. Ha ha ha i walk up an its the fox farm trio pack an a bag of happy frog bat guano. no biggie right ??? TILL I LOOK AT THE PRICE TAG AN THEY ARE ALL $2.00 A PIECE !!!!! Fan or not I couldnt pass up the deal. So im researching the feeding schedule/amount for them. Any help will be appreciated
my thoughts are leaning more towards how to use them if at all. my understanding of what i read when doing a supersoil grow water or a top dressing was all that was needed. teas were just something i was going to try along with using as a foliar. i really dont wanna overdue it as i know theres a bunch in my mix already. its easy to add more but to much is a bad thing. i also know my roots havent hit it yet an perhaps it could be used for the early stages.
Hope all is well in your world.

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