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Supersoil Myco Inoculation Drench?

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I am wondering if it's safe to use water soluble Mycos in sub's supersoil? Any help would be awesome because I can't find anything saying it's a good idea or not!!


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I wouldn't use supersoil in the first place, but if you want to inoculate do it in germinating stage.


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Not a surprise really, way lighter combination.

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I have moved on to promix hp and biobizz now wayyy better results than subs supersoil!

When you sat "promix and Biobizz" do you mean that you mix biobizz soil mix w/ promix? Or use promix with Biobizz nutes?
Just trying to get iy straight.... thanks.



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lol... lots of people like to dis Subcool... he really upset a lot of people a decade ago when he introduced his revolutionary ideas. People seem to love him or hate him, even now. I own and use about 50 gallons of his soil mix right now, and 6 months into the project, I absolutely love it... and it keeps getting better. Combined with some of the other great ideas in organic growing such as those offered by The Rev and others I have met from threads here in this forum, I can only say that my Supersoil keeps getting better and better. Based on my early experiments in organic growing living, soil seems to be amazing stuff ... and certainly more reusable than a peat based promix medium that is going to break down after one run. Biobizz might work well, but it is not true living organics... it is force feeding organically formulated nutrients. The plants and the microbes don't make the decisions in that system, you do... and because of that, it can never be the same as a true living soil with its symbiotic relationship between the plants and the microlife.

oh... and the original question... it wont hurt a thing to add microlife to supersoil... it gets the little critters munching on the minerals early on, and preprocessing some of this stuff that takes years to break down just makes sense. I reenergize (inoculate) my composting soil every time I have leftover compost tea.


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With supersoil it's kinda normal to see perfect growth after 3rd or 4th run, cause that's when plants themselves bring it up to balance. It's way too hot in the beginning no matter which nutrient we're talking about.
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Well gus738 its a mix of solid nutrients in dirt its kind of a kiss method lol. You cook the soil for a few months under the sun i used black trashcans. Im sure it would of worked better if i figured out how much to use for the strains i grew but it seemed i always had too much. I switched to promix hp with biobizz bottled nutes and budswel in flower that way i can control when they get food or not. Growing with biobizz has been a breeze such frosty stinky tasty buds! Not to mention very smooth also!