1. G

    Autoflower might be photo - Switching back to 18/6

    The photo below may not look like a large plant, but this plant is exactly 5ft tall from the soil. It wouldn't flower so I put the room on 12-12 coming from 18-6. I got back from vacation and she is flowering now. This is day 75 for her. Is it possible she is still an Auto and I can go back...
  2. G

    Autoflower won't flower day 64

    On the right is a day 64 pic of my Auto Speed Bud that won't flower. I read somewhere that there are F1, F2, etc strains so I just immediately went to a 12/12 lighting last night coming from a 18/6. If she keeps growing I'm gonna have a problem. I can rig up the lights to go a little higher...
  3. R

    How tall should plants be after two weeks - Mine are only 2"

    . This is my first grow. I have two plants that are two weeks old and are about the same size. I think they look healthy but they are only 2 inches tall. From what I've read they should be about 8 inches tall. They are both auto flowering feminized Northern Light (Northern Storm) by...
  4. S


    Are tall skinny starts bad?
  5. PacificPeach

    Sick Plant Question

    I have 2 plants grown outside from Fast Buds LSD 25 seeds. They are each about 6 weeks from germination and are flowering now. One of the plants is about 18 inches tall and it is doing beautifully. The other plant is about 24 inches tall and it has a yellow discoloration on the interior part of...
  6. InTheShed

    Completed Grow #2: Outdoor/CFL Auto ILGM Blueberry & AK-47 Smart Pots With Dr Earth Soil

    Hey all...second grow starts now! My first grow is not complete yet but I've already started my next seeds so away we go... This grow will be the same seeds because I already own them and in economics that would be the definition of sunk costs. And sunk they have in the bowls of water. I'm...
  7. Ogiesel

    Fire OG: High Pressure Aeroponics

    Hello all, I'm back at it! Just picked up 6 Fire OG clones from the club and put them in my new setup. Here's some quick info about the strain General Information BREEDER: Cali Connection TYPE: 50/50 Hybrid GENETICS: Raskal's OG Kush x SFV OG Kush AVERAGE RATING: 5 stars History...
  8. K

    Male or female

    How do you tell if a plant is more female if it is only 7 inches tall
  9. D

    Pure AK not growing tall quick enough?

    Pure AK from Female Seeds India/Sativa hybrid 1 plant in 2’ x 4’ x 7’ tall tent in garage Yesterday = 31 days into veg Fox Farms Ocean Forest w 20% pearlite added Solo cup to 1 gallon Smartpot to 7 gallon Smartpot 180 W UFO LED light (same light used on my 1st space bucket grow that yielded 1.2...
  10. L

    How tall will an AK-48 and Bubblelicious plant grow? Autoflowering fems indoor soil

    At full height, How tall should I expect them to get? Just by themselves and not using any Scog method or anything like that. Thanks
  11. TwoBirdStoned

    Does this look root bound?

    ~4 gallons of soil. The plant was in the same pot for the entire veg/bloom cycle, grew to just under 3 feet tall. Is this what root bound looks like? :thanks:
  12. L

    Any negative effects if switching light from 18/6 to 24?

    Hey everyone. I currently have a skunk #1 in the veg stage for 5 weeks with 18 hours of light 6 off,she's about 9 inches tall. I'm a bit impatient and want her to grow taller quicker to around 18 inches before I activate her flowering stage so I was wondering if there are any negative...
  13. Grow17

    Droopy Leaves after dark

    Ak48 Happy Frog & Perlite Using Fox Farms Grow Big & Hydo Guard every other watering. I use a meter to check soil wetness. Tall plant is a mystery seed. When lights are on, it's not as prevalent
  14. F

    Help me

    It's about 2 inches tall and the leaves on top aren't spreading... And it is all WHITE!!!
  15. BlazingBill

    Update on my unknown plant

    Ok I talked a while back about a seed my son in law grew and then gave to me and I started growing it, well I wanted to show a updated pic of it now along with the old ones for those that never saw the first. I am going to cut a few clones off then when they start rooting I will take this mother...
  16. R

    Are my seedlings too tall?

    Are my seedlings to talk for day 3 do they need more light?
  17. Onkruid

    Height Challenged?

    ~~Pot Causes Paranoia!~~ But not in the way you may be thinking. When growing in an enclosed space I think we're all a little paranoid about the same thing... Height. I have height issues. There, I said it. Height really can be a challenge in our contained grow worlds. Early on...
  18. Serpent

    What the hell happened?

    both the same i got the seeds from haze o.i there zombie kush the leaves look like a sativa on the tall plant and just the way its growing looks like a sativa right i veg the same feed the same the soil and pot everything what happen why did it grow so tall compare to its sister lol
  19. M

    Plant seems too bushy

    Hi ive made a new grow box for my second grow but this time rather than growing tall it is growing completely differently even tho they are from the same seeds. My plant is 21 days old from seed it is only about 6" tall but is so thick it looks odd i can no longer see the stem just full of...
  20. cannilingus

    Girl Scout Cookies

    Hi all. I was gifted a small, ragged, but now much impooved plant, that i was told, is "girl scout cookies". when i got it, it was two ft tall, only 3 inches wide, and in a 16 oz beer cup. lol. it looked like it had been broke in the middle. poor thing! well, i topped it and used for clones...
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