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They look good. One looks a lil mutated(bottom right last photo) but hard to tell with the side view pics:thedoubletake::cheesygrinsmiley: Garden looks healthy and green and I was thinking they were about 2weeks old so they're on track :thumb: so far. Can you tell us about your grow area and medium/lights,strain etc, just the particulars as it will no doubt add viewers and comments to your journal. :goodluck: Oh yeah, the little one in the small glass container may need something larger for root growth much sooner(like real soon) than the other containers will.:peace:
I am very interested in how often they have been watered? At the very least it looks similiar to over watering but some leaf tips maybe showing some other signs...
Let em dry out! Give em 2 days or so, let the soil dry out well & when watering give them a very light, evenly spread water. I personally would just "soak" them next time with no run off from the bottom of the pots. Do you have any perlite in your soil mix?
yes there are. i also sqeezed the container so i can break up the soil.

I wouldnt wanna do this either, Might cause the growing roots some stress being smooshed around? Not sure im still kinda new.
When you think its time to water, wait a day. Maybe two.. im on my first grow and tried to stick to low water and it has worked great man! Things will trun around for ya! Hang in there russ!!

-CA215 :peace:

EDIT: How old are your plants? Probably want to hold off on nutrients aswell for abit until they get abit bigger and can handle em!
Ok, hopefully they can be saved Have you been using nutes since they were little sprouts?
If you are using any nutrients I would stop using them for now. Give them a couple days to dry out and see how they react, if they keep getting worse it could be they are locking out nutrients, the soil you are using I am not familiar with. It could have nutrients already in it that would be substantial for a month or more. So if you are adding in extra nutrients it is just like a complete overload and the plants will show it. They are young so hopefully just giving them some time will help them back.
If these guys do pull through you are going to want to transplant into your final pots that you are going to be using until harvest day, use some soil with added perlite, atleast 1/4 perlite/soil. It will help your water drain properly and your roots will be able to breath! hope some of this help russ! Lemme know if u have any other questions Ill try my best to help!

Russ did they get really hot or really cold in the past couple days?

Also that squeezing pots thing to break up soil is not a good idea, but that is not what caused this.

I have a feeling you over nuted as over watering would probably not be this drastic. But you may ALSO be over watering.

When was the last time you fed them and what did you feed? Also when was the last time before that and what did you feed as well as how much did you feed?
There is one thing i thought of that could have caused this as well. Where both of these plants you squeezed? The way they look, is also similar to how a branch looks after you cutt it off.

Its possible a lot of the roots had broken off the plant and it now is dying of dehydration.

TBH the way it looks can be many things so we got to narrow it down by answering the above questions.
Russ did they get really hot or really cold in the past couple days?

What jimmycricket said their was a pretty good point...

I noticed that your temperature gauge read in the mid 65f with your lights on !

Now you really don't want your temps to drop below 60f in the dark period/lights off & if they do ya got a temp issue causing cold/temp shock which can kill !

So to put my mind at ease what are you max tems with lights on and what is your lowest temp when lights are off ?

More likely best viewed when lights come on and before they go off for temp reading...

Either that ya growing in a cold place like a garage or shed !
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