1st Journal - 2 x Cherry Bomb Auto - 1 x Dreamberry Auto - FFOF Soil

My ladies:
Left(top)-->Right (CB, BT and DB)

DB exploded after her back build treatment. I gave BT the same and CB received hers a week ago. My last trichome report was sugar leaves only not the fruit themselves. After closer examination of fruit i concluded they need more time. Now I'm at about 5% maybe 10% amber on the fruit. CB and DB have still only been getting pH'd h2o, BT on the other hand has been getting regular bloom feeds. The Potassium (K) deficiency seems to be in the rearview but I'm still keeping my eye on it. BT is really packing it on, it will be interesting to see how the back build takes on her.

Thats about it for now, happy growing my fellow green thumbers!!! ..

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I sampled a nugg from DB. It tasted great surprisengly (just like she smelled) and had a very hazey after smell just like its Blue Dream parent... Would definitely grow her again and recommend her to others.

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Cherry got the knife today.. I decided to net rather than hang her. Maybe I'll hang the Dreamer and see what the difference is. Penn the way it looks I may need quite a few jars to hold these ladies as you suggested, I dunno if a dozen is going to do for these 3 ladies!!!

Cherry (day 64)

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