My 1st Grow 2 Plants Auto Bubblegum/Auto Berry Bomb

(Daily Update Day 18)

Plant 1 is starting to produce white hairs at a great rate!
plant 2 is just getting taller n bushier.
Each plant still looks extremely healthy!
I keep counting the days...
Wishin i had something to smoke on :hmmmm:
(Daily Update Day 20)

I seemed to have missed Daily Update 19 somehow :hmmmm:
Anyways... I finally scored some :joint::joint::joint: and I feel much better.:smokin:
I did mix up the plants, so plant 1 is now plant 2 and vice versa. :snooze:
So with that being said; The new plant 1 (Auto berry bomb) is starting to really push out some serious white hairs from top to bottom.
And plant 2 (Auto Bubblegum) is growing super nice.
Still looking healthy and also started giving plants 1 1/2 cups water each last night.
I was to finally able to at least add 1 light on the side, whish I can add at least 1 more within a couple days...
Hope everybody has a :420::passitleft:Great day! Can I get a :amen:?
(Daily Update Day 29)

Hello Everyone! Sorry I have missed the last week or so of my journal. (didn't have internet)
Pant 1 (Auto Berry Bomb) is not been hardly growing taller, but has begin to start budding quite nicely imho. :cheesygrinsmiley:
Plant 2 (Auto Bubblegum) on day finally 27 decided to show her sex.... :slide:

Both plants are starting to get burnt tips along the lower sets of leaves or whatever it might be i dont know, I could use some help on that if anyone knows... (SEE PIC 3)

I haven't done anything different to the plants besides a little extra water, but today I'm starting nutes (Schultz Plant Food Plus 10-15-10)on them. I live so far out in the boonies I just cant find the good stuff around here like foxfarms or any blooming nutes so I got
what I was able to find. My theory it's better than nothing hopefully.... :helpsmilie:

Pant 1 (Auto Berry Bomb)

Plant 1 (Auto Berry Bomb)

Plant 2 (Auto Bubblegum)

Both Plants together (Middle plant is regular unknown that I am not documenting)

I don't really know why plant 1 (Auto Berry Bomb) started flowering at week 2
while Plant 2 (Auto Bubblegum) waited till the 27th day to start producing white hairs. (I was scared it was going to be male) :scratchinghead:
I know it is 2 different strains so that might be the reason. If someone could collaberate on that with me that would be great.
Everyone have a :loopy: day! lol

P.S. I will try and learn to take better pics! :tokin:
Your plants are looking. Great coming along nicely :) with the one flowering earlier than the other its just 2 completely different plant the one that flowered first I would guess maybe has a little more of the ruderallis in her but plants can flower between 2-4 weeks I have plants all flowered different age etc all down to the strains and timings inbuilt to each :bong:
(Daily Update Day 30)

Hello :420: community!

Not much to report on today except my ladies are doin just fine!!! :slide:
Been taking the pics with a ipad, but I just finally ran across my 14mp digi camera,
so i can't wait to take some quality pics. :headbanger:
I will upload some pics tomorrow...

Hope everyone has a GROOVY day!
(Daily Update Day 33)

Plants are looking great today!
I believe Plant #1 (Auto Berry Bomb) has quit stretching for the most part.
While Plant #2 (Auto Bubblegum) is grown like there is no tomorrow! She in working on her 13th node. :)
I never started the nutes like i said on post #24. I was afraid I got the wrong stuff, but my plants look as
that don't need it yet anyways.

Plant #1 (Auto Berry Bomb)


Plant #2 (Auto Bubblegum)

Slowly producing White Hairs...

This is on Plant #2 (Auto Bubblegum)
It's been like that from a couple weeks now, and it's the only leaf on the plant like that.
Anybody have an Idea of what that might be?

Plant #2 (Auto Bubblegum)
And an deformity I suppose! Interesting at the least!

Everybody have a Smokin Day!!!
(Daily Update Day 43)

I cannot upload photos atm, sent in my ipad to get fixed.
Plant #1 (Auto Berry Bomb)
Decided to stay at 13 inches tall and is looking healthy. Buds are thickening.
Plant # 2 (Auto Bubble Gum) is still only flowering and is still growing tall at 30 inches today!
It has been growing up to 2 inches a day. Still wondering if she is ever going to bud? She does have alot of white hairs up and down the stalk and underneath most flowers!
I also cannot raise my light any higher after today, Still too cold to put outside. What should a person do?
Any Ideas would be very helpful...

Photos as soon as I can!

:helpsmilie: I heard a noise come outta my grow room, and low and behold, My plastic chain holding up my lights broke on one side and fell on top of PLant #1 ( the only one that has buds). The main stalk bent in half and won't stand back up by itself. At 43 days old, is it possible to fix or is it too late? Almost crying here....
Give her a splint mate so lollipop sick pencil whatever you have too hand and tie it int the bend hold the lady nice and straight or u could just leave her too it she will stand back up on her own in time don't worry too much at least she didn't snap in two :bong:
Day 60

So I made a mistake when I ordered my beans for this grow. It turns out that I ordered berry bomb regular non femenized
along with Auto Bubble Gum fem.
I was expecting that both strains where to be fem auto's, but that is not the case.
I also had the plants right to begin with. (I thought they were vice-versa).
So Now I have a 60 day berry bomb plant that stands just under 5' that I need to put under 12/12 lighting. At least it is a Fem.:cheesygrinsmiley:
So for this huge mistake on my part, I will not be continuing this journal... However, My Auto Bubble Gum is also at day 60,
And has a cola the size of a 20oz soda bottle with 8 more mini colas around the parimeter.:dreamy: Which still has no signs of slowing down.

In the meantime I will be ordering a whole LED Tent setup hopefully tuesday of next week.
So my next grow journal will start in less than 2 weeks... Sorry Peeps!:peacetwo:
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