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What strain is it? Fem Jack widow
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? She is about to be 4 weeks in
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Hydro, dwc
Size of light? Started with 1 23 watt cfl 6500 then 2 23 watt cfl 6500 and now hps 150 watt
Is it aircooled? Nope
Temp of Room/cab? Ranging from 75 to 82 degree
Any Pests ? None knock on wood and keeping it that way
Type and strength of ferts used? GH maxigro then gh maxibloom

Well this girl has been through a lot. At about week 2 cfl dropped on her that killed about a quarter of her leaves. Week 3 had some serious ph issues that damage another set of leaves. I do have to say she is looking a lot better doing a bit of lst with her I think its working but cant really say since this is my first grow ever. Feel free to post any advice or comments
I am surprise how much she grows every of couple of days. She's now a month old and still going, started to read more and took an interest to the capn post so I decided to veg her a bit longer. Now I am planning to go a month and a half with her in veg but at the rate she's going im scared she's going to out grow my hps 150 during flowering. I keep trying to lst her, and every time I get a branch where I want it another one pops out. Now her pictures
It been a bit since I have updated. This takes hits like a pro, several weeks ago the hps 150 drop on her and pretty much flatten her out but she bounced right back. She is day 5 into flowering and these pictures are one day old. She is stretching and I believe she is going to out grow my 150. I've been trying to manage her size by lst her but she is turning into a giant bush. She was showing pre-flowers before the switch but in the last couple of days the hairs have triple in size. So hopefully everything continues as plan and i'll have some nice bud pictures for you guys in a couple of weeks
Wish I had a bigger light at this point, most I can do is add CFL and even that is going to be difficult with the setup and placement. Was wondering if anyone out there recommends or heavy uses kloombloom but the dry version. Right now she is on dry maxibloom and I was wondering if I should invest in kloombloom for the coming weeks, from I can pull up online it seems like people like it but it might cause hermies. SO was wondering what everyone opinion is on it.......please and thank you
Week 2 of Flower

She is most definitely getting huge she has out grown my light for sure and there is pretty much nothing I can do for her but try to lst her everyday. I would add CFL but it gets too hot in there with the hps and cfl. I already know I'm going to have some popcorn bud but I'm okay with that. But any who I think these last 2 weeks she has grown the most, looking at my last post I am pretty sure she has at least double in size. Its funny how you cant notice how much they grow until you look at pictures a week back. So quick question I think she looks more sativa but I would like other opinions. So which type do you guys think she's leading towards, indica or sativa?
Day 21 of flower

She's looking like a big girl now. Bud sites are developing. I think she looks more towards the sativa side so she might be in flowering for a while. Just bought some Aquashield and KoolBloom. Going to start her on the Aquashield so let see if that makes a difference. I'm going to wait to start the Koolbloom seems to make plants hermie so I'll do it at end so she won't get the chance to hermie. Overall she's doing fine. She is a pain to change out the water not she has to weigh like 15 pounds now.

Anything you guys think I need to add?
Quick question. Is it normal at week 3 or 4 for water intake to decrease? She was drinking about half to a whole gallon a day now she's only doing about quarter to a half gallon. She still looks healthy so....idk what to think
So its been a couple of weeks since an update. While changing out the water she got caught on the light chains so a baby bud fell off. Well of course the baby bud is now getting dried and it smells like a banana/plantain. Yeah idk she doesn't smell like a banana as a plant so idk what happen while she was drying. But anywho started to also notice some clawing starting so I did an early flush and replace her with maxibloom and koolbloom, I've been giving her a little bit of maxigro but i guess she doesn't want it anymore. She is now 4/5 weeks into flowering so half way through. I really hope she bulks up and I have an led light on the way so hopefully planning to give a little more light the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure if its going to do anything but I
got nothing to lose right now
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