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24/0 veg cycle? Eye Hortilux Blue 400 Watt - Ice Cream/Candy Purple clones


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Hello 420Magazine people,

I am currently running a Deep Water Culture/Aeroponics Flow and Drain System.

I have 4 clones in one reservoir. Water is about 1 inch from the bottom of planters. Two air stones and a big air pump making things nice n bubbly in there. Its like a 15-20 gallon blue container with a lid.

3 Ice Cream clones from Paradise Seeds and 1 Candy Purple clone. Roots have not hit water yet, still trying to come out of the Rockwool cube. You can see the roots, just not sticking out yet...I just bought them 3/17 around 7:30pm.

I am using Supernatural Brand Aqua Powder, and Rhizotonic for my veg stage. Using 1/4 newts for now.

All this is in a closet 3.5ftX3.5ft and about 8-9 ft tall. Two coats of Mold Resistant White paint.

I run the water pump three times a day for 10 minutes. PH is around 5.8-6.2, I am using a PH Test Kit. It looks lightly brown and yellow, like piss.

I have only one light for now its a Eye Hortilux Blue 400 Watt MT400D/HOR/HTL-Blue. With a Yield Master II Classic Reflector about 4 feet away hanging on chains from the top of the clones with good air circulation. Temp has been at about 80-82 degrees I can make it a little cooler by opening the closet door a little more. Not sure about humidity, I will have to get a gauge this weekend. I have two bowl style cups full of water next to the plants.

I have had the lights on since 3/17/10 at 9pm and they are still on today at 10:35 pm 3/18/10 today.

I was thinking of letting them go on a veg cycle 24/0 schedule.

1. What do you all recommend for my veg lighting schedule?

2. Is 82 degrees OK? I have not gotten around to making my exhaust system yet, will have to wait for another week.

Thanks for any assistance. I will get pics up asap.



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Hey man welcome! I'm new myself but will share what I know...

1. I would recommend the 24/0 lighting for veg to give them the most possible vigorous growth.

2. 82 degrees is a little on the hot side especially if you have a DWC setup with a pump(thats what I run). Thats asking for algae/crud/mold/unhappy roots over all. Try and keep you room temp from 70-76 IMO. Also try and keep you're water temp around 65-72 degrees the middle range being optimal. You want to promote oxygen up take but also decrease unwanted build up in the setup.

Good luck with the run man please post pics!


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Bro...ok..lets take A look at nature. How hot does it get in the out of doors in summer (veg time)?? 100..110? Yeah, sure does. 82 is fine for your vegging room temp Bubb!! I mean you totally can run a 24 hours Veg cycle, however plants do need some off time, my opinion...seems everyone on here has their own... Lets look @ nature again...Except for some northerly areas that do get 24 hours of light. Lets look at the US of A for example, excluding Alaska. Does it stay light for 24 hours on?? Nah. doesnt :0/ Here is a short and easy break down: You want fast growth and a higher electric bill go with >>24/0 BUT if You want stronger root growth and a little less electric bill go with 18/6 veg. It's really all about what you find works for you man. This site is Great but one can get confused by so many masters and teachers and not enough students. I'm a student..Forever I will be a student...never will claim to be a Master. Grow on!!
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