36Gr0w's First Journal - Hi-Brix - LOS - Indoor & Out!

Day 5 of flower.

Hey 36 awesome video... I have a spider4 cob that the wiring scares the bejesus out of me but I love the cob light... It by far has produced my best buddage... So I've also got several Mars II 400's so I could use the cobs out of the Spider and put them in the Mars and use the light and not burn down my house... :thanks: It really doesn't look that difficult....:high-five:.....:circle-of-love:
The more power the more cobs you can add, and it can be done to any led depending on the drivers used.

Denise, you would have to look at where the heat is coming from. I don't know any parts used in your light, but it could be a few of the parts used. You need to make sure the drivers can run the cobs, and efficiency lowers heat.

Boogey, yes, you should be able to power more cobs, but keep in mind spread and intensity.

Do a google search for the guy who made the video. Him and a few others have mapped it all out. When I do mine I will put together a write up, but I can never be as thorough as the guys who are doing it now.
Duggs, your journal is great! I caught up last night. I'm sure you could easily make some cob lights to add to your room. The Bridgelux Vero 29 is a cheaper but still quality alternative to Cree cobs.

Sue...we always have to read something!
The Cree XML2 that platinum put in the latest light is $6 or less each, the cxb 3590 is around 50, the Vero 29 around 25. There is a huge difference in price, quality, and efficiency between different cobs. Vero 29 and cxb 3070 are the best price/quality right now, but the 3590 is better. Bins matter too.
Hey BB, thanks for the kind words.

Kelp in foliars is great, anyone not using it should add it in asap. I make and try different sprays all the time, and haven't noticed any adverse effects. I should be spraying daily, even if it is just water sometimes. I don't foliar in flower after 3 weeks normally, too much risk to the final product.

I love reading up on biodynamic farming and my favorite compost is made on a biodynamic farm. I'll be incorporating ideas and concepts into my outdoor garden. Speaking of...just the other day I received approval from my landlord to add in more veggie gardens. She gave me a 60'x30' area to add in this year, I just have to make them raised beds so it looks nicer and organized. I figured hell, it's my lucky day, so I asked about hauling some old logs in to make hugelkulture beds. Also brought up the idea of spreading hay and straw on the ground between the beds to kill off the grass and weeds, then composting or mulching it later on. She went for both ideas, and even volunteered up a dump truck if I need to get soil or compost delivered!

I am super excited to finally get a larger garden going, last year I wasn't able to reach my goals as far as overall garden size and variety due to an illness, so this year I'm all in. It is and will be a lot of hard work getting it all set up by myself, but once built it will be just watering and harvesting, no weeding or tilling or mixing chemicals or checking ph/ppm/ec/ro or any of the other bass ackwards things people do in an attempt to garden. Also planning on adding more chickens and some goats this year, which will only add to my compost piles.

BB, have you read Teaming with Microbes or Teaming with Nutrients? How about anything from Steve Solomon? Have any more reading recommendations?

Yes on Teaming with Microbes... I have a microbulator ... Always trying new things and I'm in the keep it simple phase lately, so when I brew an ACT lately its been just worm castings and that's it. I can filter that and foiler and also top drench in.

I've been using malted barley ground up add to water and drench.. not a ton maybe 3-4 times during flower. I don't notice anything in the growth department but I'm noticing stronger meds. By that I'm taking terpenes and smells and tastes that are better than before and I'm running all the same plants from clones and same soil used over and over no-til. Most of all is that diesel smell at harvest. Sometimes when trimming lately I feel like I'm working at a gas station that's how strong it is. Good after a 6 week cure it all goes away and turns into a sort of Earl Grey Tea smell with a sweet hint.

Good on your upcoming outdoor gardening season. We do a TON of stuff outdoors.. pales our indoor gardens by a good amount. My wife LOVES flowers (who doesn't) and I love berries so I'm all over the outdoor scene. Compost is my favorite pastime right up there with walking the dog and picking raspberries every morning for like 8 months a year (we grow ever bearing raspberries) and wild wine berries (my personal favorite), and all sorts of other stuff even grow Gogi Berries --> in tea this is CRAZY good and healthy too.

We've been seeding the snow, some seeds need to get frozen for them to grow properly. Spring thaw = boom!
The Cree XML2 that platinum put in the latest light is $6 or less each, the cxb 3590 is around 50, the Vero 29 around 25. There is a huge difference in price, quality, and efficiency between different cobs. Vero 29 and cxb 3070 are the best price/quality right now, but the 3590 is better. Bins matter too.

Hey there 36 - I didn't view that vid yet but my backround is engineering. I've got a fair amount of experience with a solder iron and building stuff with transformers for tube audio sound... think 600+volts and my house is still here.

Those Chinese LED lamps are not what I would call ... umm "up to snuff" to put it politically correct. Scary really. Tomorrow I'm going to tear down a Mars Hydro 144 that was heating up and noticed no fans running. I will report back with results. Yeah and ask about that 2 year warranty, that's not even worth the web page it was written on.

Basically THE MOST IMPORTANT part of a lamp (or any electronic device) is the transformer.. heat sinks are good but a GOOD transformer can run all day and night usually not running hot unless not properly designed circuit. This is why the top quality USA made lamps do not have fans.
Looking frosty there my friend :thumb:

Took my Mars lamp apart - the 12vdc transformer was not outputting any 12vdc... no heat related issue just took a crap. Typical Chinese electrical components ... circuit design is as expected just no heat sinks and crappy electrolytic capacitors. After I get my replacement transformer I'll tear the old one apart and figure out the failure.
I received my "samples" of Mammoth P from Growcentia today. I use parentheses because I was sent 12.5oz, enough for about 600g of water. Way more than I was expecting from a sample sent for free. I have heard nothing but great reviews about this product, so it is definitely worth trying out. This product is sold as a "Nutrient Liberator," used for unlocking phosphorus and micronutrients. This is a packaged, organically derived microbial inoculant. I am excited to try this out and see if I can notice any differences with or without it next time I run multiple GG4 or Blackwater. I'm about to start week 5 from flip on this group, so they will get some to try as well.

After an hour I ate another one. 3.5mg. Almost 3 hours now and I feel face and eyes drooping and zoning in if I sit back. When I get up I feel the same focus, but not unmotivated. I was motivated enough to smoke a bowl of Obama from the rec shop and type this.

Denise, the balls are great, I don't know about the name but they are making edibles with some of the best extracts around. A dab of this clear has no taste, which to me isn't great, but for some purposes like edibles is great. The dab potency is top notch, and I'd imagine with terpenes added back in the taste is as well. Haven't gotten to try that yet.
Today I topped enough stinging nettles to fill two five gallon buckets, one which was split between the worm bin and the compost, the other is soaking in water, getting stirred whenever I walk past it. This will be given to the veg plants and seedlings, then put in the compost. I also gathered another five gallon bucket of lambs quarters and dandelions to soak. Borage leaves were also picked and mulched.
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