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Additional Details On Prize Shipping & Customs Duties

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Teddy Edwards

420 Staff
MagicalButter only ship to the USA due to excessive postage and customs costs. Magical Butter's Australian site is a franchise and not directly associated with the prize

Terpinator & Purpinator - USA only (excluding Oregon)

GeoPot - USA only (excluding Oregon)

Geoflora Nutrients - USA only

Cannabis Irrigation Supply - Only ships to the USA

Remo Nutrients - Only ships to the USA and Canada

NextLight - USA and Canada only

PerfectPipe - USA only

Mars-Hydro - US, Canada, Australia, UK and European countries only

Sierra Natural Science - USA only, excluding Hawaii and Alaska

In addition, customs and import duty on any goods will depend on the individual country or trading group. For example, where I am based, import duty on any goods from either the USA or China is utterly prohibitive.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not post publicly, however do feel free to PM any of the Moderators.

It's all about the honor of the title. :Namaste:
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