Amnesia Haze + Arjan's Haze - Hydro SCROG - 2010

hello boy's and girl's of 420 i am not very well known on 420 as i havnt realy had time to interact on the forums i have learned so much from reading all your posts so would like to say a massive thank you to every member and 420them selves.

So im going to give this jurnal a real good go and update as much as possible.

So this is going to be my first ever scrog my plan is to use:

Strain 1 (mother) : Arajans #1 Haze. (Mostly Sativa)
THC Notes THC: 22.3% CBD: 0.9% CBN: 0.7%
Extremely psycoactive high, strong and long lasting. Spicy, minty sativa taste.

Strain 2 (mother) : Amnesia Haze (Indica: 20% Sativa: 80%)
THC Notes : High : 20% +
This is my favourite smoke so im extremely excited to finaly grow this.

Screen : 1.5m Squared frame with 2 inch chicken wire. Foot or so above the cuttings

Main Lighting : 400w MH 4 veg & HPS 4 flowering + 250w MH 4 veg & HPS 4 flowering.

Ballasts : 1 x 600w digital, 1 x 400w Sunbeam Magnetic, 1 x 250 Horticulture Magnetic.

Side Lighting : 2 x (vegging, blue tint, 5,000k) 2 x (flowering, red tint, 2,500k)

System : NFT bucket inside a 25litres bucket with micro jet for drip and twin outlet air pump with 2 air stones.

Medium : Rockwool inch cubes + 4 inch cubes once roots show will go in hydroton.

Nutes : So this is a first for me, Dutch Pro A+B Grow, A+B Bloom, Ph - +, Take Root, I do have Hammerhead Pk 9/18 but im probly going to get 'Explode'

Rooting Gel : Clonex.

Vetalation : Have 3 fans that will run 1 for fresh air intake another for exhaust and finaly one for along the screen may need to add another.

I also have a rhino carbon filter for when it gets smelly and will be using co2 bottle with release valve.

I have been test running my grow room this is the temps iv been getting;
Res Temps : 20oC - 22oC
Cab Temps : 22oC - 25oC

So i have both seeds almost germinated seed shell is just hanging on.

I will be taking cuttings from theese 2 mothers, i am going to be putting 2 mayb 3 cuttings off each to fill my screen the mothers will continue to be supercroped and harvested in a seperate room so its like a double journal 'Same nutes not DWC instead hempy buckets with hydroton along bottom perlite + vermiculite and hydrotone on top to controll alge but with 1 600w HPS'

Hope you are as excited as i am :D

Please feel free to ask any questions and please any advice is more then welcome im sure i have missed somthing!

Few pics to follow;
Re: Amnesia Haze + Arajans Haze - Hydro Scrog - 2010

Never befor used nutes.


HID Lamps for scrog

Water Pump

Air pump

Both tanks
Re: Amnesia Haze + Arajans Haze - Hydro Scrog - 2010

Wow looks like all the ingredients for a very successful grow! Ill be following this one :) Im new to growing and am thinking about starting my first hydro/scrog grow after i finish harvesting my current grow. Have any pointers on how to make your own DWC/Hydro setup? Thanks Godspeed
Re: Amnesia Haze + Arajans Haze - Hydro Scrog - 2010

Wow looks like all the ingredients for a very successful grow! Ill be following this one :) Im new to growing and am thinking about starting my first hydro/scrog grow after i finish harvesting my current grow. Have any pointers on how to make your own DWC/Hydro setup? Thanks Godspeed

Thanks prop19 im hoping to that it is sucessfull grow i dont have any experience with scrogs so im hoping members will point me int he right direction when i get to that part of the grow. There are lots of tuts for making your own DWC about most are rubbermaids i see members have great success with them all the time that and a few air pumps.I cant give much advice as this is only my third Deep water grow. As for hydro i realy want to upgrade to Ebb and Flow from what i see the results are flawless. My hydro shop was showing me some new air pots mayb take a look at them sound like next generation growing!

Sounds like a plan, GS. I want to see you tame those sativa doms :popcorn:
+rep for ambition, and luck

Ha ha thanks PG im going to have great fun keeping theese ladies under controll i just brought my new camera so im looking forward to uploading some nice snaps throughout :D And luck yeah im going to need all the luck i can get :D
Re: Amnesia Haze + Arajans Haze - Hydro Scrog - 2010

Oh and this is a picture of the air pots.


From what iv read the root system is amazing has anyone here used theese?

OldMed Man's is using them answered my own question.
Re: Amnesia Haze + Arajans Haze - Hydro Scrog - 2010

Hi there 420 sorry i havent updated in a wile i though i would get my girls into veging before i start posting daily.

As this is my first Hydro setup i though i might encounter some problems and as it happens i have fallen at the first hurdle.

:( Ok so my cab temp is 26*c and at night drops a few degrees the girlswere fine intill i transplanted them into there 4" cubes then iv had nothing but problems all the leaves have wilted to the point were they are hugging there own stork doesnt look hopfull looks like there gunna die :( i have been givin then ph'd water and tesing the run off this morning the ph was a lil low so i added a bit of plain tap water to bring it back up.

They have fresh air intake exhaust and small fan blowing towards then i have been just feeding then a few drops of superthrive and EC ~ 0.5 and PH ~ 6.8 does go up and down a lil bit tho.

Does any one have any ideas im all out :( they leaves seem to feel a lil dry 2.

ANY help would be excellent i cant upload any pics atm because im not home.
Re: Amnesia Haze + Arajans Haze - Hydro Scrog - 2010

Sorry GS about the girls, but I would not over baby them, Weed is very hardy and if a spark a life is there they will come back.
Re: Amnesia Haze + Arajans Haze - Hydro Scrog - 2010

Hello again ok so i have been having some troubles after transplanting my seedlings into larger blocks of celmax/rockwool i found that my seedlings wilted so much i though they was going to die i decieded to pull them back out give them a day or 2 to regain strength and put them in some nets with hydroton/clay shots.

After a day of this i saw great growth and the roots seemed to grow about a foot made me :D

So the next thing was to make the last decision on how many plants to put in my bucket i decided to just go with 1 in the dwc and put the other ladie in a storage tub with 3" of hydroton at bottom diced celmax/rockwool and again some pebbles on to to keep it all locked in this will be sat in a slight larger bucket that will be working like an ebb and flow system.

Just a question about the EC and PH as this is my first time adjusting them.
Ok so i have a 25l res and i have put in 2.5ml A + 2.5ml also 2ml of take root and few drops of super thrive i corrected the PH to 6.8 and checked the ec that was at 0.8 after a few days of checking the ph twice a day and having to drop it a bit more as it rises to 7.0 the EC is now at 1.2 and the res only has about 5ml of nutes init less the 1/4 of the strength on the tin so my question is if this is only 1/4 strength then will the EC shoot through the roof when im using full strength?

Few pics of my Grow to follow pics of the girls are not to good as i need to get another light for when im taking piccs!
Re: Amnesia Haze + Arajans Haze - Hydro Scrog - 2010

Ok so my internet has been running so slow i havnt been able to upload any piccys :( hoping it will sort its self out in a day or 2.

Befor i said my ph was buffed to 6.8 i ment to say 5.8.
Just wanted to clear up my previous question on ec as im new to using this.

My background EC is 0.3 After adding 1/4 strength nutes and some ph down my ec was at 0.8 after about 3 days of droping the ph back down from 6-7 PH to 5.8 the EC is now at 1.2 to me sounds to high for young ladies does this just mean that i have to do a res change every week or does this mean my tap water is S**T and i should use bottled water i only check the PH twice a day and some times i dont need to buffer.

Im trying not to worry about the PH and EC to much as i know this can be a classic mistake for noobs there is no sign of stress or any colour change to the girls.

What i was worried about was when im uising 1/2 strength or full dose nutes if the ec is at 1.2 now with next to no nutes in the res sure the EC will be far to high when im giving more nutes?

Thanks for reading and any input will be great thanks
ok so i have finaly sorted out my web and i am able to up load some piccys yay lol

I have some from earlier in the grow i will up load.

Just befor my ladie hit the screen



Ok so she is now in day 14 of flower and last night i added 5 ml of explode 1/4 strength this morning when i went in to turn lights off and she was wilting and that is the first time since her roots have droped into the res that i have seen any problems.

I am about to do a res change today and see what happens i cant see it being the explode well atleast i hope it isnt.



Ok this is a few pics of them wilting this morning :(




If anyone has any ideas that would be great oh and i brought a new air pump today that pumps 400l/hr just incase its lack of oxygen.
Hi GodSpeed

Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
Hi 420

Sorry this journal got well behind due to issues with Internet and lack of experience with growing in hydro!

It's been a wile and have had a some more experience in growing and have a more casual and simPle approach to growing.

Have been reading alot of journals and hoping to start and complete a journal in the near future.

Sorry to any followers this journal is officially close.
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