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Best number of plants in a cabinet for maximum yield

Best number of plants for maximum yield in a 3x2x6 378w CFL hydro cabinet?

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Hello fellow grass lovers!

Long time listener, first time caller lol. Here's the skinny, just finished putting together a new cabinet. Cabinet dimensions are 3x2x6, minus the height of the hydro tub and lights raised all the way its 3x2x4. Using a bubble-ponics type system for the hydro. Lighting is 9 - 42w CFL's, 4 120mm compy fans for air intake and a 6" inline for exhaust, mylar covering everything. Set up perfectly for correct temps etc. Finally to my question. Right now i have some NL seeds and some Snow white but im wondering what the best number of plants to use for maximum yield would be in all of your expert opinions? 1, 2, 3, or 4? All opinions much appreciated!

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