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Blooming stage crisis!


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Okay soo Basically, I had someone taking care of my plants while I was at work. This person removed important items from my grow room. This left me with Blooming plants. But no humidifier, & 2 other components that I'm not sure what they are
I have the food, & lights, & a few fans.
My grow room is my WalkIn closet (I'll measure & upload pics later).
Buuuut yeah, Now I don't want my Girls to Die, they have come so far, from little baby clones to quite Beautifuly Blooming young ladies. I've put too much into it.
Unfortunately things didn't work out, but oh we'll Life goes on. I want my girls to strive.
The PROBLEM is that since the room was sabotaged, it's been 24hrs. & I have just left them in the room with the door shut! I'm soo New to all of this, a fast learner, & I've done researched & followed or the grow journals, but now that it's my turn, I'm completely unsure of what to do from here!!
What should I do?? What do I need? How much will it cost?? How long can the plants last without these important components? What should I do to the plants in the mean time? Someone please help!

Fuzzy Duck

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Sorry to hear of the trust issue with said person tendering the plants & that will always be a problem...

Humidifier is no real great loss, plants prefer a lower humidity 30% to 50% RH in flowering helps increase trichome develoement & pretty cheap to replace.

As for the other 2 components & that you even don't know what they where i'm afraid i can not help here as i don't know whats missing ?

Maybe PH/PPM/EC pen ?

I'm sure they will fine in the long run if you have only a few weeks left to go in flowering.

BTW welcome to the forums :thumb:


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Okay so I have pictures of the Room, But after further evaluation. I feel Like im MISSING EVERYTHING, Only thing that is Left is the Light, & I have no source of power for that, since it isnt the normal Outlet Prawns. I'll just post the pictures. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT I NEED PLEASE!???

I have NOTHING! But beautiful plants that I do NOT want to die!

David Bowman

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:welcome: to :420:

I'm am not well versed in HIDs, but that looks like the plug that would fit into a ballast which you then plug into an outlet. Maybe someone who has more knowledge in this area can chime in.


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Hi LovelyyMalone.

Welcome to 420 Magazine! Sorry for the circumstances that brings you to us, but glad to have you just the same.

Yes, the plug in the photo does go into a ballast (power unit) that would then plug into a regular wall outlet. Do you have any information on the light fixture? Any empty boxes around that might provide insight into what wattage and manufacturer? Light bulb boxes would help with wattage info.

Don't worry too much about the plants. A few days of dark or less than ideal lighting won't kill them. There are actually a number of anecdotal reports that indicate they will really increase their resin (trichome) production with an extended period of dark.

While we try to figure out your light and locate a replacement ballast, you could use any fluorescent lighting you wanted if you are still concerned with leaving them in the dark or less than ideal lighting.

Fuzzy Duck

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I'm not to sure about this or how you become to be involved in such endeavors ?

But some how i feel compelled too help !

Ultimately i would push you to look after your own grow room for what what ever reasons, mainly trust.

I don't even trust my own best friend or the friend who i seeked for such information about this project in the first place, both of them now ask myself for my opinion on the matter at hand... such as the knowledge i have gained solo & a lot of research.

How ever it would appear you are missing a ballast off the correct wattage for bulb used & also a contactor plus a possible timer switch !
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