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Brown spots on lower leaves week 5 flowering!


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Hi guys so I have some problems it's my first grow , I'm 5 weeks in and 4 days ago my leaves started to get these brown spots after which they're yellowing,wilting and ultimately dying.

Growing in Light BioBizz , 11 litre pots , Strain is Auto Bubblegum + Fem from victoryseeds , I use BioGrow , BioBloom and TopMax from Biobizz .. they're under a 250w HID Duo-Spectre .

I Dont know what my PH is cause I didnt really have enough money for it since it's so expensive where I live .

From what i read it must be a calcium def and was planning to get a Ca-MG aditive see if they get better , but I would like some advice first.

I dont think I overwatered them since i do it once every 3 to 4 days .. I think I must have overfed them the very first time since I didnt have a syringe or something to measure the amount of nutes i put in, and I think that's the problem..

They're also kind of droopy but after I water them they get better for a few days then get a bit droopy again.This is how they look now..

Telll me are my ladies looking fine or are they dying on me?

Help pls.





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Looks like a phosphorus deficiency to me, but ...
I suspect a PH problem as well. Either that or the roots have problems.
They do look over-watered to me. I never water on a set schedule unless I have a good feel for the plants, pots and soil. Water only as needed. After I up-pot a plant to a large pot it can take two weeks before the next watering.
Phosphorus problems can occur if your PH is high (above about 7.0), or if the PH is low (5.7 and below) AND there is a lot of iron and/or zinc. They become chemically bound with phosphates leaving phosphorus unavailable to the plant.

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More likely just a touch of P - phosphorus def it is a pretty common def in early/mid flowering tho, i get it with most strains i've grown to be honest & i just back it up with a bit of P/K boost to tame it.
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