BubbaLove's Master Kush Ultra Organic Flower Journal


I am a little late creating this journal, here is what I have. I am currently in 2nd week of flower on my medical grow.

I am doing an all organic grow in beds. I am using Sustane organic fertilizer along with tea's. My light situation is a bit of a test. I am testing out LED's and COB's. So far they all seem to be kicking but.

My set up is this. 3 beds and 4x8 and the bed is 12" deep. The girls are all clones that I vegged for 3 weeks before kicking them over.

Lights are 2x Indo COB LEDS in bed 1, Spider Farmer SF 4000 and Spectrum 660 bed 2, and Philzon 3000 and Aglex 3000 in bed 3

Dirt mix peat, worm castings, pearlite, Sustane 4-6-4 and 8-2-4, Gaia Greens Kelp Meal, Gaia Greens Rock Dust and Frass. Sustane is awesome, price is great as well since it wasn't designed for Cannabis, there seems to be no Cannabis "tax" on it...

Using a Anden 201V1 for dehumidification, a Ductless Split AC (2 ton) to keep the gals nice and healthy.

Have cleaned them up, removed foliage ensuring leaves do not overlap or touch removing the humidity touch points. Nice light penetration.

Daytime temp set at 82 and night time at 74.

Keeping humidity at 50%

Watering is done every 2 days if required via drip irrigation system I put together.


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Week 3 of flower and things are coming along nicely... Feels like movie night with all this popcorn around.

Had a little scare of the weather with a few brown outs in the middle of the night, thankfully the humidity did not get out of control.

Humidity has been consistent at 50%, daytime temp at 82 and night at 74. My girls are loving it. The plants are now 44 inches high, developing nicely for the 3rd week of 12/12.

Gave them some Sustane tea last week for a little extra lovin'

Cant wait for November!!! Cant wait!


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So here is something interesting, the nodel spacing on my cheap light, the cheapest of the bunch looks to be kicking some ass ($400 light) The Aglex 3000w Cobb. I am a new fan. The light suggests its a 3000w light and there is no way its 3000W. Its more like 655 watts and is suppose to equal a 1,000 HPS. Either way, these nugz look super nice. Looks like its kicking my spectrum king 660 and spider farmer sf4000 all over the place... Cant wait until the buds fully develop to see which light produces the dankest dank.


Well, I am getting really excited.

Almost week four since they started to develop pistils and I am seeing massive difference in the different lights. I know I keep saying this but that cheap Aglex 3000w COB is at least a week further ahead than all the other LED Lights and QB (it was $460).


I am also really impressed right now with the Sustane nutrients. So far no defficiencies, just running teas every other week. Been adding a few cups of topper on the bed every couple of weeks and the gals seem to be thriving.

This grow I used peet moss as my base and mixed in my perlite and mico to saved some $$$. The best part of it is I do not have thrips this time... I get thrips with ProMix and the other stuff (I cant recall, comes in a black bale) but so far I have nothing.

Did a heavy defoliate at the beginning of this week. Removed all lower branches and buds that seemed to be trailing behind and not developing at the same speed. Made sure leaves that were touching were removed and stripped them down making sure those nutrients hit the buds. Airflow seems to be really good and the humidity is rocking around that 49-50%.

Here are a few pics of the flowers developing. It's mid week 3 of Flower (4th week from switching over to 12/12 soon to be week 5) .

I lowered the lights today as the growth has seemed to slow down. I have to knock on wood, this is the first time I have not had any issues with any sort of pests, powdery mildew or nutrient deficiencies. Nothing worse than chasing a deficiency.

I made an error when doing the drip lines and used 1/2 gal dribblers. Way to small, they get plugged so easily even after the inline water filter. I have some 1 gal dribblers now and will be doing a swap out this weekend. That should solve the pitiful dribbles I have...

Based on how far ahead certain lights are, the harvest will for sure be staggered...


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Wow, the end of week 5 and nothing really exciting to report back. I noticed a few Thrips earlier this week and did a Doktor Doom Botanics Insect Fogger in the room... I will do 2 more bombs to ensure those little turkeys are taken care of.
The master kush is really starting to smell. The can filters are working well in the room with very little odour.
The smell outside the room is fairly strong... I need to get some pics uploaded. The girls are looking super sexy!
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