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Can cannabis get too much sun light?


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In the past when I grew up on the roof (Spain, crazy sun basically all day long) I used a sun-shade. (I can't use the sunshade any more since my cats climb on it, then fall down onto the plants and smash them..or try to climb up and into the chimney via the sun shade thing. Yeah no kidding...)

The plants I put out are about 12" tall, about 8 sets of leaves...so they're definitely not "seedlings" any more. Fortunately, the first two days after I put them out it was cloudy, so the shock was not too much. But the weather is getting hot and sunny now. (95F). I am less concerned about the heat, because the plants were used to the heat since I had them in a green house on the balcony. They are out in the sun for 4-5 days now. They look *in principle* fine, actually very fine, but one has a dry, yellowish spot at the side of a fan leaf which appeared over night some days ago. I am not sure it is from the sun..actually I *think* it's that a cat peed on the plant and burnt this spot.

** Now, common sense says to put them in a more shaded location (they're literally in the spot with the most sun right now) - but then I read that putting them in shade and then later for flowering back into a sunny spot wouldn't really help anything...because then too the plant might get shocked when it's put back. So right now I am just hoping that the plants are getting used to the crazy sun.

Queston is can they get too much sun?

(PS..I am using white pots so that the pots don't get that hot)

Edit: I wouldn't ask otherwise because if you check my old grow journal you can see I already grew a bunch of plants up on the roof, just a little concerned since I don't use the shading net right now.

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Generally speaking Cannabis enjoys full sun. That being said, one can select strains that are more likely to thrive in a cooler or warmer climate.

I don't think I've ever heard of an outdoor plant receiving too much sun. Indoor, yes but not out.

It sounds like you've been diligent about allowing them to harden up to the outdoor environment. I would give them as much Sun as possible.

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