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carbon curiosity


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i tried to search, but didnt really find answers to all these questions. would like some expert knowledge pls =D

1 is there such a thing as too much co2?
2 can the light from firelight work to feed plants?
3 candles; do they produce anything nasty the plants wouldnt like to breath?

unlike most of you here i seem to have a negative heat problem. i have added a fan for air movement which is goint to make it worse. its just too cool here =(

my theory is that if i stick a bunch of tea candles in my grow room, they will add heat, light and co2.

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Can you get more lights or a stronger light? Put it in a smaller area?

There is no such thing as too much CO2, plants cannot overdose on CO2 that is a myth. There is such thing as giving such a high PPM it's a waste.

Not sure what a firelight is but if you need to take an inexpensive route, get CFL's.

Candles are not going to help.


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check out my latest pics. ;)

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i am using cfl's and i will buy more as time goes by, but right now more heat is needed.

thats why im thinking of adding candles. primarily for heat, but im sure the co2 production cant be bad, and im sure that light radiation is light radiation as long as it delivers plenty of lumins and in the right spectrum...im just not sure if candle flame colour has the right ones to be of any light use. im sure they make all visible light tho.

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Combustion produces carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and a host of other gaseous by products (depending upon the fuel). Plants need CO2 carbon DIOXIDE. Not sure, but I'd bet Dorritos to dollars that candles aren't a cool source. Ever burn one close to a wall, window, or blinds? Look a brick around a fire place, ever notice all the black soot? Not gospel bro, but it just seems to make sense to me. Best bet is to get a CO2 burner. Invest, don't make a mess.


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thanks BWC BayArea

Im a big fan of candles in the home, but have never really done any research on them.

It seems that propane combustion pretty much produces as much monoxide per KW of heat as does candles. Candles produce primarily CO2 and water vapour with some minor trace elements and a very small amount of monoxide.

the soot you see from candles is just good old fashioned carbon dust, messy but no more harmfull than a stick of charcoal ;)

i have to spend a while now trying to diagnose whats wrong with my plants as some of the leaves are starting to brown.

so conclusions:
candle is ok, but is messy and causes a fire hazard
propane is the method of choice, but isnt cheap to get started.

i plan to use candles till i can arrange a co2 generator as carbon is a must for these babies.

what is the opinion on methane gas? i know its considered a greenhouse gas, but it might not be such a bad idea.

down the line im thinking of creating a sealed composter for waste household food and waste mj stalks e.t.c it wouldnt be a far stretch to get a compressor and start to harvest methane gas from the very compost your making for the ladies =D
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