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Far East Buds Perpetual Run Has Continued!


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I have a bunch of regular seeds for some real nice strains from Holland I would like to just breed. But I can't seem to get around to them.

I am about to bloom this "set-up" test run and can't decide what to do next.

I am thinking 2 auto fems and 2 regulars. Keep running the regulars until I get some pollen and pull some fresh seeds. Then move on. I have snow white, OGK, WW, NYPD, AK48 and a few more I think in regulars. Plus countless home made seeds.

I am running hermi seeds off a clone from the big one I show next to the bike all the time. They look good so far. I have a ton of those from that hermi and if the rest are like these 2 I am happy as hell. The funniest part is I bought a bunch of seed and the one that is the best so far was the freebie unknown. Well so far. I have a lot more to try.


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12-16-18 Update!

So it has been quite awhile since I posted some pics. Things are progressing nicely in veg and the few that have been added in flower are filling out nicely.

The Clone area is full at the moment. Some get a little ragged looking when I first plant clone them. But most usually pull through nicely in the end.

So a few have yellow tips on the leaves so time for an uppot and feed..


Medium Veg is doing well too. These are almost all new strains so this is sorta cool to see the new beans growing


Big Veg I was getting a little lazy for a bit there. I had some uppotting to do. I got that all done tonight and I'll follow up these pic's with some more that are after all the work I did tonight.




So the last three pics are veg after the uppotting. They all got trimmed up some as well so they all look ragged. But they will rebound fine in a day or two.

The one I do have a concern for is the Girl Scout Cookies. That one just flat out has not grown well. Thats actually a huge disappointment as it is the second attempt at the strain. The first seed last year was a male. This one is growing like crap. Oh well

So now to flower


Things are starting to stretch a little bit. I am definitely going to have to learn how to properly judge the size for scrogging. I am trying to keep them close to the scrog and it seems that is already becoming an issue.

So two new plants to flower today.
GB.. Guanabana. and Sour Diesel.


That leaves room for 7-8 more. So I should be able to plan it so that the 6 in big veg go in as ready and then a couple more new strains will be ready for big veg by then. I think I will be able to run most of the new strains through a first time rather quickly save one or two.

With the scrog I noticed each plant has a lot more room. It really has the same room but maybe because I spread them out into the scrog more They appear much larger.. or are.. I am curious how that will affect the yields.

So that's about it for now.. Thank you for stopping by


Your killing it over here. Awesome sight to see. Happy New Years.

Far East Buds

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So it has been awhile on a post so I figured I'd get some pics up.
Things are going good.
I snapped these pics a couple days ago. But tonight I filled the flower room with the remaining needed plants.
So here is veg all together..


So things are going pretty good. I never clean up enough but I defol a lot in veg. Veg is kinda Boring!

So here is Flower


So I am learning scrogging again and so far I am failing. But the first few I figured out approx size of plants entering flower so they utilize it better. I need to Lollipop the plants better as well. But it is easier on the maintenance so far. I am going to do some more HST on the tall stocks and try to get more canopy.. Less under growth. I took some pics of more plants going in but I guess there is a limit of 10 pics now per post. Ill pop them up next post...

So nothing fancy so far. I still have a few weeks before I start to harvest. I still havent fallen back in to a groove posting here ;/




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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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