Fede's Auto Fem White Widows - Containers - Soil - Outdoor

Lovely blooms Fede :yummy: And that is one awesome guardian she has! What’s is called do you know (apart from guardian dude ;) )? Is it a type of lady bug?

Our flowers are almost at the same stage. Such a beautiful plant hey. Hope all is well.

Hi Amy!
I've never seen that type of ladybug before but she sure looks pretty ( and she must be gorging on unsuspecting aphids! LOL)
One of my two White Widows reached a decent size (Thelma) but the other one suffered from stunted growth (Louise). They are both "fattening up" atm. Will upload pictures soon.
Hello everyone!

Here's my first attempt at a Grow Journal.
It will devoted to 2 Auto Fem White Widow seedlings from seeds purchased from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver.
100% germination. Radicules appeared within 12 hours of (glass water + paper towel method), and grew to over half inch within 24 hours.
Planted in 7 gallon plastic pots with a mix of soil (from cow field)/vermiculite/sand/sphagnum.
Cotyledons emerged 24 hours after planting.
At present, 7 days after germination, cotyledons+1st pair leaves+2nd pair leaves incipient

I grew an eight foot hedge with this strain a few years ago. Highly recommended...
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