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Hello everyone!

Here's my first attempt at a Grow Journal.
It will devoted to 2 Auto Fem White Widow seedlings from seeds purchased from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver.
100% germination. Radicules appeared within 12 hours of (glass water + paper towel method), and grew to over half inch within 24 hours.
Planted in 7 gallon plastic pots with a mix of soil (from cow field)/vermiculite/sand/sphagnum.
Cotyledons emerged 24 hours after planting.
At present, 7 days after germination, cotyledons+1st pair leaves+2nd pair leaves incipient

Hi Oldbear. I will post pictures of the containers. Since the seedlings are feminized and auto flowering I placed them in their final 7 gallon containers from the get go.
Hello friends,

Seedlings are now 2 weeks old (since roots came out) and looking healthy.
Third pair of leaves coming out.
It's a fairly dry summer here and the grass in my little oasis needs daily watering.
Temps are in the mid thirties (Celsius).
In the past I had lots of losses due to damping off and I think now I've dodged the bullit.

A great start. I have a 5 pack of the same so I am watching with interest.

Good morning.
7:17 am in northern Argentina right now and I just went to check my little babies.
I named them "Thelma and Louise" :cheesygrinsmiley:
Thelma looks very healthy but I noticed a bit of delayed growth in Louise?
What do you guys think?

They look fine to me. A little plant to plant variation is to be expected even in the same seed lot. I don't know enough about soil to advise you on nutes.

Hi guys!
Week 4 and Thelma is doing well. Louise as I mentioned in previous posting hit a bump in the road and slowed growth as compared to healthier sister.
On close inspection I discovered aphids on back of leaves. I applied a homemade Insecticide/fungicide based on garlic and camomile tea and they seemed to have died off (aphids that is). Still Louise has a lighter shade of green on leaves (as compared to Thelma?
Thelma started showing flowers already.
Any thoughts?
Cheers to all

Insects. The curse of outdoor grows. They look great Fede.

How is the weather this summer?

Insects. The curse of outdoor grows. They look great Fede.

How is the weather this summer?


Rainy season in this neck of the woods is March/April and Sep/Oct and they didn't get enough last year so it's a been a dry summer. High temps quickly evaporate the summer showers. I water the plants with water from a well, they like that water better than the chlorinated one from the tap.
Hello friends,
January 31st marks the first month of my two white widow plants
Thelma (big sister) shows nicely, healthy and green. One thing I noted is that the fan leaves extend far from the main stem allowing for the secondary branches to access plenty of light. Great phenotype characteristic.
Louise as you all know suffered from what I believe was an aphids attack when really small and that stalled it's growth a bit. She seems to have now recovered.
I added bat guano (locally collected from a bat colony) last week for the first time.

Thelma and Louise

Thelma reached 40 cm

Louise at 25 cm
Hello friends,
It's week 6 and we barely had any rain since the girls were born.
Thelma at 53 cm and at full throttle with flowers
Louise remained quite stunted in her vegetative growth and also flowering
Some of the lower leaves shows "burnt" tips, super hot summer sun or nutrient deficiency?
Opinions and input will be very welcomed.

The two sisters, Thelma and Louise


Louise suffered from aphids attack and stunted growth


Thelma healthy and showing potential



Thelma's bloom
Lovely blooms Fede :yummy: And that is one awesome guardian she has! What’s is called do you know (apart from guardian dude ;) )? Is it a type of lady bug?

Our flowers are almost at the same stage. Such a beautiful plant hey. Hope all is well.

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