First Time Indoor Ak-47 & Super Silver Haze


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Hi all my name is Mark.I live in Croatia and sorry for my bad english.

Grow room 39x39x59
Air vent 150mm with coco eco carbon filter (outtake)
Pc fan intake
Hps 400w dual spectrum
Temperature 25-30c
4gallon soil pots:coco,wormcastings,compost,flower soil.
Ph between 6.5 -7.0
Nutrients Hesi grow,hesi super vit,hesi bloom,hesi phosphorus plus.

Ak 47 was fimmed once and ssh never.
I was scroging the plants first then i removed the net because it get too big so i separate plants for more light and air penetration.I veged plants for 5 weeks and i am in 6 week of flower now.What do you guys think should i transplant ssh in bigger pot becouse she is going to flower 6 to 7 more weeks?
Sorry for late update,my laptop was fucked.I have harvested Ak 47 10 days ago.I got 110gram dry buds.I am curing buds in jars and i have smoked some of it.The taste and the smell is great but the weed is still not potent,it need to be cured.It is my first time with AK and i am happy with this kind of high.Super Silver Haze is in week 11 of flowering and i think she needs 1 more week.
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