PacificPeach's First Grow: White Widow Auto & AK-47 Auto, 2016!

We checked the trichomes today - they were a mix of clear and cloudy with some amber ones. We also gave the stems a treatment recommended by Robert Bergman. It involves cutting a slit in the stem and putting a chopstick in the middle of the slit. We did it with one of the White Widows. According to Robert, this stresses the plant and causes it to create more THC. I don't know if it's true or not, but I feel kind of strange doing it.

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I'll stick around for this to wrap up. Good job on the widows Pacificpeach. Some meager harvest reps are on the way. I look forward to this ak47 that you "mildly" defoliated... She looks very healthy and should produce great buds for you. I'll jump over to your second journal and get in there while I can find a seat.

KiG :green_heart:cheers
The WW buds are curing - we got about 1.5 ounces. Not bad for the first time!

The AK-47 buds are coming along at day 49. We checked the trichomes yesterday. We might have pulled the WWs too early so we are going to let these go a little longer. It looked like a lot of milky trichomes and a few light amber ones. It's hard to wait!
I can't really tell about the resin because I'm such a newbie and I have zero experience with this! We had 2 WWs and I only did the stem split on one of them so I wish I could compare the 2 plants. But they must have been completely different phenotypes because one was way shorter and had an overpowering smell. The other one grew twice as tall and didn't have the same smell. If they are 2 different phenotypes, would the resin be different on them anyways?

We are probably going to try the stem splitting on these AKs also. Have you ever tried it?

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We cut the stems of the AKs today. I hope I did the right thing. I used a razor blade knife to cut them and then I used bamboo skewers to hold the stem open. It actually feels kind of weird doing it like maybe it wasn't the right thing to do. I guess it's too late now. We will see what happens.
Ive never tried it. But I would just because dont you only split the stem like two or three days before harvest. I would try it just because if I thought it was hurting my plant I would just chop.

Your question about pheno's and trichromes idk.

I know you can grow 5 plants if the same strain and see different traits on every plant even though they are same strain and same environmental factors. So I guess different plants even if the same strain could definitely produce different levels of trichromes.

It is after all mother nature. The plants are going to do what their going to do. We can just try to manipulate them into doing what we want lol

I am very interested in the results

anything that occurs in nature cannot be unnatural!
We just checked the trichomes and there is a huge change since yesterday. Today there are some dark amber ones - yesterday there were only light amber ones. Not as many clear -- much more miilkiness! We are going to check again tomorrow and maybe harvest a few selected buds that seem more ripe than the others. We actually don't really have much of a clue what we are doing so we are kind of unsure when to chop.

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We just cut them down! We're tying the buds up now to dry. The smell increased tremendously in the past couple of days and the amber trichomes were about 20%. The fragrance is very sweet and heavy perfume- it's almost nauseating. I think the stem splitting might have speeded things up over the past 48 hours since we did it.

I guess this is the end of my first grow journal although I will probably post our total harvest after the buds are dry. We are kind of guessing that we got another 1.5 oz so the total yield for the 4 plants would be 3 oz. It might not seem like much but we are happy since this was our first grow.

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