PacificPeach's First Grow: White Widow Auto & AK-47 Auto, 2016!


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I started my grow on 10/30/16.

I purchased a 300 watt LED, a 2x2 Grow Tent, and the Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom fertilizers.

I took some very rich composted soil that I use for my outdoor flower and vegetable gardens & I mixed it 50/50 with Perlite. I filled four 2.5 gallon pots and sowed 2 WW and 2 AK-47 seeds. I just scraped a small indentation in each pot and lightly covered it with soil. Then I watered each seed lightly and covered it with plastic wrap. I kept them in a warm spot with no grow lights until they germinated.

Three seeds germinated in about 2 days. One AK-47 seed didn't germinate so I put a new AK seed in that pot and it germinated a few days later. I put them in the tent on an 18/6 light cycle with a timer I got at Home Depot.

I only lightly watered them with plain water for the first 2 weeks. On the 3rd week, I used 1 tsp Fox Farm Grow Big with 1/2 gallon warm water and watered each.

About week 2, I was worried that they were not growing enough, so I put a seed starting 'warming pad' underneath. It really seemed to help get things going. It did cause a lot of humidity, so I put a fan into the tent at that time. I kept the heating pad in there for about a week, and after that the plants looked a little bigger. I then took the heating pad out, since it was causing too much humidity. I have kept the fan in to keep the air flowing.

Around November 30, one of the WW plants started blooming and both of them have been in bloom for over two weeks now. The AK-47 plants are just starting to bloom now, about 6 weeks in. I have now been giving them a small dose of Big Bloom & Tiger Bloom along with PH Down. The PH in my tap water is very high. I have been trying really hard to not over-water them.

About a week ago, the tallest WW plant got really tall and was getting too close to the light. I looked online and I decided to bend the main branch over sideways. I'm not sure what this technique is called but now the buds on the bent over branch are curled towards the light. I think it was a good move- I guess time will tell

I'm really curious about what my harvest will be like. Since it's my first time, I have no idea what to expect.
re: PacificPeach's First Grow - White Widow Auto & AK-47 Auto - 2016!

Depends on how long you let them go for. Make sure you have 30 to 50 percent amber. And just make sure you listen to them they will tell you what they need. At flowering 6 weeks I am running hydro but I give 1100ppm in my res, and pH to 5.5

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I trim my fans leaves and even tips of inner leaves last 2 to 3 weeks of flower. To promote bud growth and also makes for a easier trim after. But it's my personal preference not anything I have read or know anyone except me and my teacher thought me

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