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This journal will be for kmog genetics seeds. I was just about to pop some more canuck seeds or some others I have stashed away and then I realized I yet have his to pop .
I'm excited to see what I can bring to the table for you. Fast pic of my personal seed bank lol.

All fem seeds are packs of 3 canuck seed bank .

- cheese
-Cinderella 99
-kushy kush just harvest
-obiwan kush
-original skunk #1
-train wreck
-citrus skunk
-gold rush just harvest
-sour diesel
-northern lights
-orange bud
-white widow
-bubba kush
-The true og
-green crack
-canuck cookies
-pak - valley just harvest
-sweet tooth auto
-hash passion
-original afghani just harvest
-ak47 auto

Then reg. Seeds from co. workers and grow buddy's over the years .

- white elephant
-kona x kona
-kona x Hawaiian
-purple bud
-purple gorilla old school seeds .
-grape ape
-space queen x sour og
-purple goddess
-big bag of India dom. Seeds

And here are the infamous kmog seeds. I believe they are
-GB X TM3 , grandpa's breath x Tahoe master f-3


BSG X GGDD , black strawberry glue x gogi x ssdd

A pic of the gen. Pool line up that was posted .

Haha wow that's quite the selection...any personal faves?
Lol they all sound good but I was gave these seeds from kmog a while back when I was in middle of flower and busy with other stuff . Just harvest last week cleaned shop up and realized I had his seeds to pop and here i am . very excited to see these in flower .
Ok so i decided to go with 4 seeds of grandpas breath x Tahoe master f3 and 4 seeds of black strawberry glue x gogi x ssdd . They all are sitting in root riot cubes that soaked in ph'd water then stuck in to a clone dome. Where they'll sit till into a solo cup. They'll be sitting under a t-5 light 2ft x 1ft. On my cloning rack with small fan blowing .once they are old enough I'll be feeding with botanicare grow and calmag and ph down when needed . Every other watering I'll be using og tea . In flower I'll drop the grow and bring bloom into the mix and add carbo blast as well. .

Well , 7 of the 8 seedlings are in solo cups doing there thing. One of the GB X TM3 didn't pop .I'm using Fox farm happy frog as of now .once established a good root system I'll pot them up into sunshine advance mix #5 in one gallon bags and start using synthetic nutes botanicare CNS 17 grow that's it for now .

Another weekend up date. Seedlings are now starting to pick up growth , one is a mutant but from my experience they are the stronger and better out of the bunch. Any ways here's a few pics.

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