Germination Has Begun: 2nd Attempt At Growing


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Well I blended my Fox farms ocean forest soil with vermiculite this morning. Seeds are now in peat pellets. 1st grow went better than I thought it would. Had some issues near the end. Most of the problems stemmed from being off work for 3 1/2 months with frozen shoulder. We have a 2nd house in the interior so spent a lot of time travelling back and forth so was not always here. I had to rely on our daughter to watch things. If you have ever seen the TV show Highway thru hell then you know the route we drive. We watch the show all the time because we are friends with Al's wife. Anyhow I am hoping my seeds take. There are 3 Chocolope, 3 White widow and 3 Purple kush. They are the same seed batch from my first grow. Bought 15 seeds, germinated 6 and four sprouted.
Good luck and enjoy the winter
Travelled the route you speak of many times myself
I like it better in the summer early in the morning than going through in the winter
Note to self, Almost lost the seedlings. Dried out a bit much but they bounced back. They were bent over with a broken back look. They have since recovered. Adjust Rh and temps. Rh should be 65-70% so must get the redneck humidifier going. Pics in my 1st grow journal sig below. Temps to be 70-85 °F (20-30 °C) with lights on and a little lower with lights out. Went by to get new seeds today but the city apparently shut them down so visited Marc emery cannabis culture and got some new seeds. Blue cookies and sativa star. Will do a spring grow outside with two of each. Going to start them indoors. Was playing with the calendar so picked the date to start this germination as to when it finishes up based on the grow back in February. All good.
Transplanted the seedings in jiffy cups to soil now. Before I put the peat pellets into the jiffy cups I did pre-drill some holes for roots to make their way out into the soil. One that had bent over seems to be thriving. I sunk that jiffy cup lower in the soil so as to have the soil support it better till it gets some structure happening. Nice thing is my switch on the left said RH was 69 when I woke up this morning. Right now that one is running an extractor fan. Soon we will put the dehumidifier in the tent. Just want to wait to see if my other seeds pop. They were free samples of Early Miss auto flower.
Well after talking with a person at the hydroponics store, They told me floragrow from GH is like the original nutes, Others copied them. They were also cheaper. Like 35.00 for all 3 bottles and thats Canadian money. The cocotek was about 20.00 USD for each bottle. Gave the plants a watering today with straight water then I mixed up a nutrient solution with some reverse osmosis water. It is aerated.
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