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Germination tests @ Green House Seed Co.


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These are few of the many germination tests we constantly implement at our R&D Laboratory in Amsterdam.



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no, these tests are performed with no additives, using just tap water at pH 6.0-6.5 and EC 0.6-0.8

we try to evaluate germ ratios starting from basic, simple conditions so we are sure our customers will have the same or better (when possible) results.


the dishes are kept in a controlled germination environment at constant 20-24 degrees celsius, dark.


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i see the church there...
shavo told me you guys were growing it now...
just smoked some church this weekend in mexico with his cousins...
in my opinion, it's almost the same as the indica version of og kush...
have you seen the sativa og kush yet?
it's all i smoke these days...
shavo and i both consider it our favorite now...;)


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Thank You for generating data for the community, for using clean and controlled environments, for doing quality control. Your careful documentation over the years has been a major benefit to the advancement of Cannabis-Science.


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Franco since I'm new and keep having bad luck germinating, Is that all the water you put in those dishes?

are the seeds presoaked in another place, or do you put them there dry and sit them on the wet napkin ? NOt covered in water ?

thank you for you reply
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