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Hi2All, I'm newbie here but will try to do my best. Sorry for my english, I'm not english-born...

Some year or two ago I've decided to build a machine for remote and automated growroom control. Just for allowing me to go on vacation :) Was going to search all over the internet and found many, many projects like this, but not a single one finished and with all the features needed. And so I started my own one. I have found some people who can do the programming (because that's something I don't understand at all) - Arduino C code and also JavaScript web application.

Features are:
Monitoring and logging data to SD card (Temperature, Humidity, Water temperature, Water level, Light amount).
Automated switching for growroom equipment (Lamps, Fan, Humidifier, Irrigating, Refiller, Heater + some standard freetimers for anything)
Alerts (alert user to email/smartphone whenever something bad happens)
Remote access over ethernet/internet, possibility to manual control or automation settings, see all important data on webpage graphs.
And some security things like "Do not turn lamps on when temperature is too high" etc.

This all without any dedicated PC or webservice (like google docs), everything is on the Arduino+EthernetShield. Everything accessed from any web browser from any place on earth (with internet connection of course).

Are You interested?
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