Growing Indoor With Poly - Lemon Kush - Power Flower - 700W MARS II - Soil

I am so damn looking forward to the arrival of that p450, i hope my girls can pull through until then :)

After that, there will be a P450 seed to harvest grow! Damn looking forward to that too!

But i decided to reducing myself to just 2 plants otherwise i cant veg long enough ...

but maybe i will get a second tent for all those other strains that want to be grown ;D

grow 12/12 from seed - you've the full spectrum there to cover it - I ran them before, but under HPS, and they came out a little spongy due to the lack of blue light. I'll always run a 12/12 from seed in every run in a 3.5 litre pot, in the middle of the four 11.5 litre pots :Namaste:
dunno if that works out if i go 12/12 from seed to be honest ... with what strains did you do that?
dude, trust me, it works just fine, it's how equatorial sativas grow naturally. I ran a lemon kush, and a bublegum in 3.5 litre pots, 12/12 from seed, and pulled 1.8 and 1.6 oz respectively - but with only red spectrum from the HPS, they were potent, but not hard and dense. however, with a full spectrum, it would be nice dense nuggy stuff - I've just upgraded my pots, so I will run them in 5.7 litre pots on the next batch.

if they are as good as I expect, then in my 7 square foot area, I could run 9 strains, 12/12, because they grow more or less just a large single cola, no off branches, so lateral space isn't an issue :Namaste:
they are out of the ground in the time it takes to flower them + 1 or 2 weeks, so a 7 week indica can be germ to harvest in 9 weeks, and produces nicer product than running an auto for the same period, not to mention the massive savings on energy - 6 to 8 hours less per day :Namaste:
Okay, i will consider that :) i will watch how the lemon kushs will react to the p450 ^^

i also have thrown a royal creamatic auto inside the tent, just for the fun because i never actualy had a auto thats grown indoor with 12/12 only.
I have run a lot of autos on 12/12 from seed, and they take about 2 weeks longer to ripen, but the extra time in dark helps build roots, which in turn helps build a stronger plant. I had some nice ones, the Jack Herer, and Amnesia Haze in particular stand out, but they aren't anywhere near as good as a 12/12 photo plant.
I just wanted to say some words about how my case was handled at lgledsolutions.

I was sending them an email and told them, that my unit was not working anymore and that there must have been a short circuit inside the panel. The fuse popped out, thats why i thought that it has been ah short circuit.

Then i was forced to open the unit and make some pictures, otherwise they could not give me a refund or anything else, which i think is a bad thing. You should not force your customers to open electric components .. Or did anyone of you ever been in the situation to open up a TV or something because the vendor told you so? I dont think so ...

Then i was said, i should not contact Sara via email or post anything about that incident on 420, you can guess why.

And than the story continued for a couple of days, mainly because i was told by them, that i should get it fixed at a local electronic shop, which i declined since a) there are no such shops around and b) i dont run around with a LED Panel since it would be awkward explaining what that thing is and for what it is used.

After that i should ship the unit to a friend of them "who knows electrical engineering" in another country which i declined also because a) i dont want somebody whose skills i dont know mess with my gear, who knows how trustworthy that guy "who knows electrical engineering" is... and b) shipping costs that i should pay at first of over 150$ - i dont think so. I dont know if thats just me, but where i come from and what expiriences i made, this is a no go.

I invested so much time, i made phone calls in that time to check with different shipping companies, thought about many things that could work, things that i, as a customer should not have to worry about. The time invested in that case from my side is easy above 15hours of phone calls, writing emails and other stuff.

And in the end, i got a refund and the "ok" to put that light into the trash can.

Well, i am at the end of that case, since i got my refund and a new Panel is on the way to me (Thanks again Mark!).

But i wanna share my lessons learned with you:

And i can just say three things and thats everything i will say for now in that case.

1. Check the facts, read yourself up online, think about what you want and please put quality before a cheap price in your priorities
2. If you want a TopLED/Mars Unit, buy it from Sara, nobody else, dont buy it on eBay, dont buy it on Alibaba or anywhere else! I think Sara would have handled that much better.
3. If you use a LED Panel, it does not matter from what kind of Vendor or Company, protect yourself and your home, use Devices that provide an oversurge protection and features that cut of the power in case of a short circuit. Think about it, your equipment runs even if you leave the house or are sleeping. Protect yourself, invest those bucks since they are good investment. We are not talking about a small LED, we are talking about units that work with a high current and can easily set your tent, even your whole house/flat on fire. My old boss liked to say "who buys cheap, buys twice".

I am not insulting anyone, if somebody should feel offended by what i said please feel free to contact me, this is just my personal point of view.

:Namaste: :peace:
If Sara is a rep for the company, why does it matter whom you deal with? I don't understand why she couldn't sort it out for you...

The other woman said something about being another department and such stuff, that could be true, because i contacted her on alibaba.

dont know .. she also said something about it being awkward to be contacted by sara.
Yeah, HSO has some pretty good strains, if i could do what i wanted, id grow everything from them. but i also have some RQS Northern Lights Seeds here, thats pretty nice strain too. But its not a sativa, so for the next grow its out of question :)
Nothing new to report, the ladys are slowly getting big buds, the first ones are now as big as my thumb, but not worth pictures.
yeah, they stretch like hell under that CFL. But to be honest, i dont think there will be that much big buds.

A 85w CFL is not exactly enough for a 3x3 tent with 7 Girls.
You'd be surprised man, I've seen some pretty big cfl nugs before :) Update us with some pictures when you're ready :peace:
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