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Happy to join the community


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Hi all, this is my first time on 420mag and also my first community i have joined.

I will get down to telling you about why i am here. I have been an active smoker for a few years now, curious about the equipment and process of growing. I now have decided to start a grow of my own (will post later). I venture out of solo smokey bubble and engage with people of this fine community, to ask for advice & guidance in the hope that i can return the information to another newbie like me one day.

I am 24 from Scotland. thanks:thumb:


Welcome from Arizona.
I am new here also. Tons of info available here.
I hope to start my first indoor grow in the next few months. Reading up on "how to's" here first.

Green Snake

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Same here. I am just starting and will be growing autoflower white widow and nyc diesel in DWC. Are you growing in soil or hydro? Also, are you growing photos or auto?

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Hi saloonlife, it's a great big circle of knowledge. Everyone has their story of how they started out on here poking around. Then the next thing you know you're elbows deep in worm poop mixing up some super soil. :19: glad you came to participate with us here in the best grow community in the world. Keep us posted and...

KiG :green_heart:cheers
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