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HarleyDude's First Closet & Outdoor Soil Grow


Kaya gold

Wonder Woman

Urban poison

Five weeks since popped from soil from seed. Wonder Woman got some burn from spraying under lights and also a bulb was touching for a while ( oops)
Trying to keep up with lst due to my limited cabinet height, but I also have to work around visitors so the plants aren't as well trained as I wanted.
No outdoor pictures from today ( first good drenching rainfall in a while) but the outdoor girls are doing great, imho! I tied down the main stalks to keep a lower profile.

Some questions -- how much longer should I veg inside ? Would it be too early to switch to flower now? Should I de foil before switch? Since its been five weeks, I assume I could switch to flower. I know yield would be reduced, but I'm not overly concerned for first grow. I'm excited to set up a swick in smart pot for next grow in closet. Thanks for any input I get
Wonder Woman starting to do her thing

Wonder Woman , 11 days in 12/12

Kaya Gold, 11 days in 12/12

Urban Poison, 11 days in 12/12

Outside " stealthy" grow. Eight weeks since sprouted. Can you see the three plants ?

Outside grow is booming. Hawaii Maui wowie has huge fat fan leaves. Supposed to be sativa Dom, but she has the fatest fan leaves I've seen. The weeds are growing along with the girls, adding to the camouflage. I've been spraying with diluted neem about once a week outside. Also fed the outside girls some nettle tea. I've tied the main branches down outside to help with the hiding in plain sight plan.
Inside I'm alternating plain water with grow big and tiger bloom feedings.
Take care all !

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

Semi-stealthy grow ?.

Closet grow 14 weeks from seed 7 weeks on 12/12 cycle


Wonder Woman

Urban Poison

Kaya Gold

Hi all !
Life has been keeping me busy. Sorry for the lack of postings.
Outside grow is booming! The entire caged area is filled with the 3 girls. I tied down branches so the space is filled with lovely green starting to bud !
My inside grow is ok, but I hope to do much better on my next grow. I had issues inside with nutrient burn and the temps are pushing 90 most of the hot days. Next time I plan on one plant only and I'll revamp my ventilation system.
Take care all


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I think its more the heat then nutes and personally I wouldn't leave the dead leaves in the pot they don't serve a purpose and can cause mold to form.
Thanks for checking in Spart! I'll take the advice and remove the dead leaves, I was thinking feeding the soil with the leaves breaking down, but I definitely don't want mold. The heat may be affecting the plants, but I'm pretty sure about the nutrient burn. The leaves turned crispy and brown following a botched feeding when I overdid the concentration.
It's been an interesting and informative grow. I have some changes I want to make for future grows.


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The leaves would take a long time to break down before being beneficial. Make sure you give a nice long flushing period before harvest to get all the extra nutes out of the buds:goodjob:

Wonder Woman washed and dripping dry.
10 weeks 6 days since flip
I'll get a weight when it dries. Looking forward to taste test !

The indoor kaya gold was taken early :cough: due to a supply issue :( didn't want to do it, but when the chamber is empty you do what you've got to do. Can't give a smoke report yet, only rapid dried enough to cover the supply drought, most is curing in jars.

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