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Hi guys, this is my first journal and my first attempt at growing cannabis in soil, I have dabbled in DWC hydro previously and have a couple (not really outstanding) harvests under my belt.
I have been a member for some time but I am not a frequent poster in the forums, and although I visit 420 magazine almost daily, I had never considered making a journal here until now.
Most of what I know about growing cannabis, I learned it here, so I want to first thank you all in the 420mag staff and forums members, for without your time and contribution I wouldn't be growing these plants right now...
I guess I should get started now;

What strain is it? Aurora Indica and freebies from the seed bank
Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Predominantly Indica hybrid.
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg
If in Veg... For how long? Germinated within last 48 hrs
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor
Soil or Hydro? Soil
If soil... what is in your mix? Coco coir, rice hulls, compost, grounded eggshell, homemade bone meal.
If soil... What size pot? 1 liter pots
Size of light? Shop light with two 40w fluorescents.
Is it aircooled? No
Temp of Room/cab? Between 24-27 Celsius
RH of Room/cab? 63%
PH of media ? 6.65
Any Pests ? None
How often are you watering? As needed, sprouted very recently.
Type and strength of ferts used? None yet, but added compost, eggshell and bone meal to coco/rice hull mix. Compost is less than 18% of mix ( by volume) and added 1 spoonful of eggshell and 1/2 spoonful bonemeal (homemade) per 3 liters of soil.

I will be using vermicompost tea for vegging, and a mix of wheat bran, dried banana peels, lentil meal, bone meal and eggshells, all finely ground as a blooming feet.
My plan as of now is to veg the freebies I received with my Aurora Indica order for around a month, then send them into the grow closet (I made) for blooming, meanwhile I'll continue to veg the Aurora Indica to select a couple healthy mother plants to clone.
I have a 4 by 3 & 1/2 feet closet.
I want to set up a perpetual sog grow grow with Aurora Indica only, so I will send the freebies to bloom as early as possible. Please bear in mind English is not my native language so if you have a hard time understanding anything of what I say let me know and I will try and explain myself.
Sorry for the rant!
Any input/comments/opinions /criticism well be very welcomed!
Thank you guys!!!
5 out of the 5 five Aurora indica seeds and 7 out of 10 freebies sprouted within the first 72 hours after being put in soil, with another one of the freebies sprouting nearly five days after going in the soil, for a total of 5 Aurora indica seedlings and 8 random freebies.
I watered today with some wormcasting tea (just a little sugar cane molasses and a couple handfuls worm casts).
The seedlings seem to be happy with soil so far, I've heard cannabis doesn't like nutrient heavy soils so I hope the ratio of compost to coco/rice hulls is ok and I don't end up with nitrogen toxicity.
The freebies are three or four days ahead of the Aurora indica seedlings because I wanted to make sure seeds will sprout ok in the soil mix im using. Im happy with the germination rate, hope I get a good female ratio too (these are regular seeds)
I have another five Aurora indica seeds that Im saving for later, got a total of 20 seeds for just under $40, feels like a good deal to me...
Will post pictures as soon as I get the Internet connected OR my celphone back
I forgot to mention that I have a couple random bagseed plants flowering in my grow closet under the 600w his at 50% output power, one of them can be seen in the pictures above, maybe 15 or so days into blooming.
Hey guys what up!!!
After a long while without updating, Im able to upload some pictures again. Internet REALLY is a luxury in the zone where I live. Funny thing about was that two blocks from here most houses still had internet coverage from most providers.
Not mine.
I had to pay for a wireless reception unit installed on my roof (not really that expensive thou) but it hasnt been installed yet. At least the internet provider was kind and provided a temporary unit that does the job remarkably well.
The Aurora indica plants are doing fine I guess. As of now I have 13 plants in veggin under the shop light, soon to be sent into the grow closet under the MH light at 50% output.
The plants had a magnesium deficiency (I think that is what they have, your input is appreciated) which I have addressed by spraying a foliar feed of magnesium at 3/4 strenght, I have also used a liquid magnesium drench in the soil. In my opinion this approach has been of help but Im not sure it will be a permanent solution.
My opinion is that this mag deficience is being caused by the coco, because while I did wash the coir before using it, I didnt take the time to buffer it with some magnesium, despite the fact I had nutes for that especific reason. Three of the mix seedlings have been specially affected by this.
The Aurora Indica seedlings appear to be recovering from the nutrional neglect, and resumed growing soon after the first applications of foliar feeding.
Today I transplanted three of the plants from the mixed seeds and three AI into 3 liters pots (sorry for not using imperial measurement units, I go by metrics.) The pots were filled with a mix of coco coir, rice hulls, compost, oat bran, bone meal, lentil meal, grounded banana peels and grounded eggshells. I would love to remember the proportions I used but I was heavily stoned at the time.
I mixed thoroughly, watered the mix and did let it sit in a 5 gal bucket (there you go imperial) for while, I mixed this soil mix twice or thrice; It did feel warm the first two times, and the last time I mixed it no longer felt warm so I assume it was safe for used. Plants seem to be adapting ok. Sorry for the long rant.
As you can see, the plants show the signs of my inexperience, but at least are not dying. Your comments will be appreciated.
Also add me to COD advanced warfare if you play (PS4)
Was checking you grow journal, nice job with those CFLs. I would like to try them for flowering at least once.

Thank you. I am actually shocked with the yield I have generated. The Big Girl generated over 16 oz wet, she is still alive but outside now. Ms Stinky the mislabeled Blue Dream will yield equiv or more, my guess.

I just checked her, still covered in fresh white hairs. CFL takes longer to finish, but the extra time can help generate nice heavy buds. I am more then happy with my results so far. My Veg spaces have between 100-170 watts of 5500-6500, with 130-195 watts of 2700 focused colors. The plants seem to really enjoy getting their max range of lights for both to be honest.

I haven't grown with the HPS or HM, or LEDs yet. The only thing I have done different with my grows is to have them in nearly enclosed areas with crazy levels of fresh CO2 pumped in via natural enzyme based sugar engines. Lots of the correct lumes and CO2 makes for happy plants
I hear you, Im preparing three 5 gal containers for a yeast CO2 generator... I hope I get results as good as yours.
I topped one of the tallest, most vigorous plants yesterday, one of the seeds from the freebies mix. Hope it get bushy soon enough.
Im planning on selecting a healthy mother for a perpetual SOG grow.
I used 2 gallon bottle water containers. You need to cycle the water and yeast every few weeks (2-4), as the alcohol levels rises, it kills the yeast. I would suggest 4-6 cups of sugar per reload and a fresh 1-2 cups per week.

Make sure the "vent" for your CO2 tubing is at the top of the room, so the CO2 "falls" onto the plant. If you put a fan at the bottom, you can push the CO2 back up into the air column to recycle the CO2.

One benefit of a burst of CO2 to extremely high levels every now and then... it kills the flying bugs. They land on leaves and die. Its a natural fumigation. This isnt easy in a tent or room grow, but extremely easy to do with a smaller dedicated grow space like a deep freezer or a custom grow box.
Well I have a 4*4*7 feet grow tent I made. It has an bottom intake and an exhaust fan cycling the air 2-3 times a minute. Now that I think of it im not sure it adding CO2 would make any difference as it would stay for very little in the grow tent.
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