TheRoach's First - Soil - Aurora Indica - Organic Grow - 600W

They aren't like any other ones I've seen, no. Not that I've seen it all, of course, but I don't remember seeing any other strains like that in photos, with such wispy hairs and strange coloration.
I looked up the strain on Leafly and Seedfinder and it looks really good for insomnia. Gets great reviews. I do see at least a couple pics that shows the same sort of pistils as yours- though perhaps less dense and colorful.
You've been growing this strain for a while now, correct?
Is it as good as the reviews I read say- good for pain, sends you off to a gentle sleep and you awake clear and refreshed?
What is the high like? I'm pretty averse to indicas and usually I feel confused and cloudy, which sends me into a sort of paranoid/depressed state. But as night time meds maybe it would be different.
Well, to be honest I am rather unimpressed with my initial results. It may have to do with many factors; Aurora Indica is the first strain I grow in soil, I had not the right soil mix for the first plants I grew and didnt wait long enough to harvest... It all boils down to inexperience I guess.
The buds closer to harvest were grown with worm castings, rice hulls, peat moss and water. I used Anredera twice and that has been all the extra nutrition they have received. As I mentioned a couple pages ago, I harvested some buds for sampling; those turned to be some of the most disappointing buds I have harvested lately. Neext time I will wait much more.
I still have those buds from the pictures growing, so I will wait before I harvest and the call the journal complete.
As far as the quality of the smoke is concerned, the buds were not specially potent nor tasty. Maybe a hint of fruits/berry. I hope giving them more time and using the CC mix will greatly improve my buds.
I have been thinking of getting a small ac unit to keep things in the ideal temps in my grow room, but Im still looking into other options before making the investment.
Anyway, looks at these buds after being dried for 8 days (and not really manicured yet); needless to say I will not settle for this quality.

I have to jump in and say that I agree, those pistils are wild! I really like the way they look, it's a shame that the smoke didn't come out better. Keep it up Roach, you only get better by trying things and seeing what works and what doesn't!
Use to be a big problem with me as well Roach; chopping too soon but I've learned how to "MOVE AWAY FROM THE PLANT" with the scissors.
Oh I know... Its just that the seed bank advised a timeframe and it was incorrect. I was harvesting two weeks early. After talking to Nirvana seeds, they adviced that you should add 15 days to the flowering time advertised.
I never pay any attention to that mess, I let the plants do the talking. They know when they're ready.
If you think about it it would be unlikely that two set-ups would have the exact same conditions (medium, training, environment, etc...) so it only makes sense that timelines would vary.
I now, I guess Im rusty because of the long time without growing.
Well, some of the buds I harvested turned to be very nice after dried. Those came from the plant that looked like it was ready (big coincidence, duh)
The other buds are fattening up nicely and getting frostier. I will take some pics later I guess.
I need to take some pictures to update the journal. There are many plants in the closet now (18 I think) and its gettig harder to get in there to take pictures. The HPS is good for growing but no so good for taking pictures.
My dimmable HID light came with both a HPS bulb and a MH bulb, so I decided to switch the light once a week to the MH light for a few minutes while I take some pictures for my journals. I will continue to do this with all my journals, I think updating with pictures once a week is enough and then I will post on them every day or every other day.
I didnt forsee this journal becoming so long!
I will chop by the end of the month. I already have another batch of clones to replace the ones I will harvest.
Changing bulbs to get a good picture is really going the extra mile Roach! I understand, though. I didn't start a journal till I had some sort of solution for that problem- which in my case is cheap hps sunglasses used as a camera filter. It's not perfect but the best option I seem to be able to come up with right now. Always nice to hear from you. Will you start another journal after this one?
I know changing bulbs sounds like a lot of trouble to get a pic, but I really want to have color in mi pictures, besides yellow.
Yes I will start another journal once I get some new seeds. I will let you know first weaselcracker!
The buds look closer to harvest but I can get that dark green tone out. I think it was to much N and they will end up like that. Trichomes are starting to become milky white.
Looks sweet Roach. I think you're right about the N just based on the color. I remember thinking the plants were very looking rich in N when I first found your journal.
It looks like (I think) you've got some baby Auroras growing as well- any other strains started?
I hope you and Mrs Roach are having a lovely day.
Thank you very much my friend, and yes those are other Aurora Inca plants. I will start a new journal for each new strain I get. Thank you for stopping by, brother!
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