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Hello from the great lake state


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Been here quite a bit learning and I've seen nothing but very friendly and helpful folks here. Thanks to everyone who's posts have educated me.

I'm actually not growing any MJ and don't have any concrete plans to do so. I did recently start an indoor vegetable garden and my research led me here. It seems that if you want to grow plants indoors, the medicine growers are the people to listen to :)

I only started my indoor gardening hobby about 6 weeks ago and up 'til now it's been mostly lettuce and herbs in DWC "totes" under a T5HOx8. If I can toot my own horn it's been wildly successful so far. Though it's not exactly brain surgery.

As for interesting and related projects, I'm in the process of building a hybrid top-feed-drip/RDWC setup for my tomatoes and peppers. It's quite similar to the one TheCapn used for flowering in his Simple Hydroponics How-To. Hopefully I'll have that up and running in the next week or two.

While I've always been a libertarian and proponent of ending prohibition, I don't have any medicinal needs for MJ. And while Michigan does have medical MJ laws that I believe would allow me to grow some if I wanted to, I'm not terribly interested in doing so at the moment. If I come up with a medical need for it or If I'm still alive when they eventually do "fix" the laws and pass an outright repeal of prohibition, then I might grow some MJ. By then I'll hopefully have the indoor growing thing all figured out.

Thanks again everybody for letting me use your knowledge.


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Welcome jrogi - my primary reason for being here is to make meds for self and loved ones and raise awareness for the amazing healing properties of cannabis. I have links in my signature below for creating and dosing with CCO (Concentrated Cannabis Oil aka RSO). Please help spread the awareness so that everyone can benefit from the best plant on earth. :peace:
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