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Help me with my space


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Hey guys

This is my first post on the site so I want to say hello to all my fellow tokers and jokers.

Basically i have been given the "ok" from the wife to get my own setup going and this is the greatest news in the world to me. I am happy and floating on cloud nine because growing has been a long time dream.

I have only done one other grow about 15 years ago when i had a chance that was an indoor grow done with T5's, turned out ok but nothing like what i think i can do now with money and proper equipment and knowledge. This time around it seems there is so much information available on the net its like Christmas lol.

Anyway enough about me for now. What i'm looking for is opinions and suggestions.

I have these two cabinets i am going to turn into stealth grow box's
They have 1 large section with a lower area with 4 drawers.
My idea is to turn the 4 drawers into a single section for a seeding/clone area.
I would add a photo but i cant seem to be able to do so on this site.

The sizes are this both are identical.
L - 118 cm (3.9 ft)
W - 56 cm (1.8 ft)
H - 178 cm (5.83 ft)

That is for the whole thing but the inside of the large workable area is

L - 114 cm (3.74 ft)
W - 55 cm (1.8 ft)
H - 132 cm (4.33 ft)

My first question is this about my area to grow. I think i have roughly a 6 sq foot area to grow in and would like to know what others suggest on how many plants and lights to use in this space. I am planning to use the scrog method

I have already ordered some stuff such as my first light to get started as i cant get everything in one go but slowly have to acquire stuff.

What i ordered was a fairly cheap LED light off Ebay. Its a Mars Hydro 600w
I do think this will be enough to get started but i am not 100% sure and also would love suggestion on where to head in my build and if i made a mistake on this light do let me know.

My plans are to get started with my box by getting light, air circulation and then in about 4 weeks picking up a carbon filter and adding that to the first box. then in a month or so after that i plan to get the other box set up to get a 2 box rotation going but as i said i need to do it slowly at the start.

So anyway just to clarify the question.

How many plants can or would i want to fit in my growing area and is my light choice good/bad?

Thanks in advance!


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Well the light should be plenty for that grow space, most people suggest a 600w HID for 4x4 foot areas so you probably have more than needed there. I would probably use CFL for the veg/clone cabinet as they do great for that kind of thing. I have been slowly gathering items too.

How are you planning to setup the ventilation? Most of those fans are pretty loud so you might have to soundproof it a little bit of you want it to really be stealth.


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The light is a LED 600w but says it pulls roughly 280w~ saying its about = to a 300w HID i dont know if that accurate but its what i could gather from the reading i did before i ordered it.

As far as ventilation i am not quite sure yet. The box will be in the garage so some noise i dont mind but if it sounds like a jet plane in there then i will have a problem.

My thoughts are pretty much having an intake hole for fresh air thats pulled in from the carbon filter fan that will be exiting at the top somewhere. I want to try and get the intake as low as possible for cooler air but i really dont know what kind of heat im going to have quite yet.

The carbon filter is a must for my setup mainly for the smell as i have 3 older kids in the house that all i really care about is them not smelling it when they enter the garage. I know when i have the cabinet open it will be potent but i am hoping that a carbon filter will be sufficient in taking care of the odor when shes all closed up.

to wrap up my rambling i was thinking 4" or 5" pipes as the area to circulate isnt huge but im not sure yet more research is needed on my part.


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I use cheepo desk/personal fans in larger spaces than you have, and you can barely hear them. My fave little fan is only about 4", and can be rotated up or down to direct air. They are just as powerful as the 6" clip-ons and are a lot less trouble and cost (30% - 50% cheaper).

You can add passive ventilation by leaving the topmost drawer open or by drilling some holes in the back of the cabinet, down low for intake and higher up for exhaust.

I have read that dryer ducting reduces sound in larger set ups and with more expensive fans.


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I have a little 6" fan i plan on using for the promotion of strength to the plant while its growing but as for the fresh air circulation i am hoping that just a small 2-4" intake hole near the bottom being sucked in with the carbon filter fan exiting the top will do.

I was kinda thinking i would just attach the duct fan to the top of the box and then the filter under that for space saving but i do have a concern about the noise level doing this because of where the fan will be right to the outside wall so i may have to run ducting and try and keep the fan away from the hole itself

the dryer hose mentioned... is that just insulated ducting?


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Haha lovely ! thanks for the welcome and hope to hear your thoughts!

Here is a pic of the boxes as i figured out how to add pics to these forums lol. maybe this will help the discussion


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Since stealth is important to you I would consider a super quiet bathroom fan.

They make some that are low noise and you could mount it to the ceiling of your box with some bungees to reduce vibration.

Also the size ducting you use will be a factor.

Personally from what you are telling us I would spend a bit more on a good fan that far exceeds you needs then use a speed comtroler to run is at less that peak speed.

Also buy an old used fridge for beer or whatever and put it next to the box ;)

Here is a short article about it .Choosing a bathroom exhaust fan

One Love


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I'm Baaaack! I did some leveling off while wearing headphones and watching the History of the Eagles on Netflix. That cabinet is good looking. is there a divider between the upper halves? Veg clone in one side, flower on the other? Is that a spring tension rod at the top? If so you may hear lights come crashing down on your plants if you rely on it. You will need to take a holesaw to it to cut two holes in it, one at the top for exhaust and one at the bottom for intake. A vent cover will keep unwanted light out. You will need some reflective covering the surfaces that aren't white. A lot of us get that at Home Deeps. To hang lights you can drill through the top and use eyelet bolts for a secure mount. I see your RC plane sitting there so I know you have the skills to make this awesome. I used to fly RC for years, now a friend I have known since then is selling me his Yuneec Q500 to do aerial videography...Back to your box a pic with both doors open please? :3:


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Yeah i tinker with some RC stuff now and again its pretty fun :D i never got into it really heavy but i wanted one that i could do all those cool tricks people do at the field and the POV stuff is really taking off and fun as hell. kinda like a real life first person flyer.

As requested a pic with both doors open


I just want to mention that i have two of these boxes and another small box i can use. And i did remove the hanger pole as i have no need for this everything will be done to a high standard with correct fastenings for my equipment.
My thoughts were to get a rotation going because i am a heavy smoker and to keep up with my demand one box wouldnt do :high-five:

This brings me to the little box i added in the photo. I know i could use this for seeds/cloning no problems but im curious if the 1.3 ft (40 cm) area will do any good for vegging
If i need to i can flip it up on its side and use it long ways for a 3.7 ft (113 cm) tall spot for veg but will it work without flipping for veg?
I have plans on training the plant to go for a Scrog setup and try to keep them short as possible for veg but with lots of possible colas spots.
I think i am going to do a journal as well i dont know if i will post it but who knows maybe some people would be interested in seeing a novice grow and startup.

I am just waiting on my beans to get here and my light was posted to me today so i should have it in a few days CANT WAIT!


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That's more like it.
I see veggers in the one tall cabinet, flowering in other. You cold use the little box for germination, you don't even need much in the way of lighting in that one. I have a better idea of what you have now. Ventilate the two large sections, add reflective (or white) walls, mount lights! You can use lower drawers to store nutes etc like someone suggested.


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Awesome suggestions mate appreciate it.

I do wish these were just a bit deeper but like you said i gotta use what i can and these were much better than i actually thought i would be able to get started with, got lucky when i asked the wife if i could grow, she suggested taking these out of the kids rooms and adding them to the shed, she also set up ground work saying that i needed them to store my tools haha:D

I will keep you guys posted on my progress. My lights should be here in a few days and i can get started. still gotta pick up a few odds and ends but soon as i get my lights its on
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