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help please! this is my first grow ever


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hii everyone !
this is my frist grow indoor
i want grow 1 plant (sweet mango auto'F) and I need help pleeeeas.
my grow room is small because i want grow just 1 plant (50 cm width × 80cm Length and 160cm height)
It's wardrobe (I'm still working it)
image url (it's big)

I want to know what is The amount of light Appropriate for just 1 plant (small plant) in Closet.
how many lamp i need like this for :
1-first week Starting the planting (The length of the plant 0cm up to 50cm )
2- The rest of the grow....

Image of the lamp (36W CFL 6500K 240V 60 Hz)

In my opinion i will use 1 lamp for the frist week
and 2 or 3 lamp for the rest and flowering phase
photosystem which will use 18/6 = 18h ON and 6h OFF
Anything else to help is good.....
thanks for all Waiting for the replies.
Have nice day


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Re: help please ! this is my first grow ever

1 lamp for first week is good
i am guessing it throws off about 2000 lumens
soon as she has leaves open add the others
not too close at first...12-15 cm
your best to keep it short, look up 'low stress training'
but no topping or cutting, use a good size pot cause auto does not like transplant
after she is stronger and has a few bigger leaves move the lamps close as you can without stress
5-8 cm is a good target depending on climate (heat,circulation,humidity)
after a month maybe less depending on how big she is you will need at least 4 lamps
in flower you will want at least 6 lamps and you will want to use lower kelvin
these you have are 6500k which is daylight i believe you will want some around 2700-3000k
these are warmlight and better for flowers.the 6500 will work but it is best if you add warm
more warm the better for flowers but all light is good
as a reference...i used 7 bulbs (5 of mine were warmlight 2700k) adding up to 311 actual watts and around 20,000 lumens
for two girls about a meter high each in a small closet and was quite surprised how well it turned out
not great but not bad either

your box is nice you can grow a very nice girl in there
make it brighter with white paint or some reflective material on the sides
you will need circulation and will have to make sure they get nutrients
you will want to get something to test ph

watch them,keep reading all you can and learn
have patience
take care and good luck


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Re: help please ! this is my first grow ever

thanks yes its old lamp I'll buy new lamps soon just I wanted Take a picture of information on the lamp .

Thank you very much for this important informations
i'll take your advice
1 lamp in the first week
and after month nearly I'll add 3 new lamps (all of this lamps CFL is 36W like the last in the picture)
and in the flower I'll add 2 new lamps.
so Total is 6.
I have another Question please
For the pot !!!!
Do I need to plant seeds directly in a large pot or planted in a small pot Firstly and after few weeks transform it into a larger pot ?
What is the good size of the pot for plant ?
2-3 gallon ?
thank you buddy for you help
and good luck

Sounds like your off to a good start, you may want to start a journal.
yeah bro I will ! soon
thank you


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I have another Question please
For the pot !!!!
Do I need to plant seeds directly in a large pot or planted in a small pot Firstly and after few weeks transform it into a larger pot ?
What is the good size of the pot for plant ?
2-3 gallon ?


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thanks friends !
I appreciate your help and your advice !
I think I grow in a 1 large pot (3 - 3.5 - 4 gallon) From start to finish !
More bulbs more yield (y)
For fertilizer I do not use it but for the soil Is big big big big problem because we dont have some soil for sold like Foxfarm .
and we dont have perlite
coco is that fruit ?? Coconut ??
for soil The only solution is taken from the field of agricultural !
is good if i mix the soil with some old Paper trees ??
is good if i mix the soil with some Dry goat poo in the first ??

I have heard that ground coffee useful for soil , Do mixes with soil or just put it in the edge of the pot (The surface layer of the soil not Into the soil ) ????

sorry for the Many questions hhhh but There is a big difference between Morocco and the United States or other countries !
Good luck for all !
Have nice day and tanks for your help !


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coco coir is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of coconut, is this what you meant?
many people use it as a grow medium or mix it in

coffee is full of nitrogen and other good stuff like magnesium
but is probably too strong to add straight to medium 'it is great for composting

dry poo is also full of good stuff how much to use is the hard question
leaves, sawdust, wood chips all good,even egg shells

google composting and get a good idea what is needed

sometimes trial and error are needed
just pretend that you are growing tomatoes and you will be close
tomatoes like a lot of the same stuff as cannabis
take care and good luck


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I would get more lights, for now use that one but once shes grown up three nodes I would add another lamp... and just keep adding lights until you reach 4-8 cfl's in veg and flowering. Enough Light for every top :)

Use organic soil mix, I made a mistake and used miracle gro at first.... DO NOT USE MIRACLE GROW!! It will hurt your babies. I would use a small pot to begin with then move to a 3 or 5 gallon pot when you feel *shes* ready...
I would buy ph test strips, ph up and down, not the pool kind but the kind you can find for fish in pet stores, and a fan if you dont have one; later on once the smell becomes obvious I would buy something to fix that... I haven't yet because I do not have the money, sure does smell nice tho :)
A thermometor is mandatory, because you want to keep your babies at a certain temperature during the day and a cooler one during darkness,
I think your grow room is nice enough, I would add a white background though, for brightness, dont use paper though because it is a fire hazard...

Thats all I can think of for now, Ill keep watching your thread for progress.... I am currently on my first grow ever too :)

My journal is in my signature....... GOOD LUCK :D
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