helped. messed up on topping. 2 weeks old. how to fix?


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hey there everyone. i have a question that just came up.
im trying to top a 2 week old plant. its got about 3 nodes. 4th and 5th set of leaves are still really small
the reason im topping is because its a sativa strain in a small room.

so basically the question is, that when i tried cutting off the little new growth of leaves, i accidently damaged ONE of the leaves underneath.
so now i currently have on top of the plant, one damaged leaf on one side, and a normal one on the other.
should i take off both of those?
heres a pic:


as u can see, the damaged leaf is scrunched up a bit. ill know i guess in a few hours if itll die off copmletely or not...
thnks for the input.
i jsut checked on it again. it looks like the leaf that i accidently pinched has pretty much withered away, leaving me with a lopsided top of just one leaf insetad of a full set. so your saying that i shouldnt take off the opposite leaf to make it even?

about what u said it not looking like a sativa, is it always possible to tell at such an early stage (2.5 weeks) from the leaves? i figured that the real thin sativa leaves would only come out a little later on as she starts getting real full leaves.
btw the strain is nirvanas maui waui which is supposed to be a mostly sativa strain....i really hope i didnt get the indica pheno...

also ive read about some sativa dominant strains that certain strains have the charachteristic of an indica in growing, and then during flower the thin sativa leaves come in. but i guess thats probably strain specific.
Yeah they do thin out a bit later on- still, looks pretty indica so far. But nothing to worry about. It is what it is. As far as cutting off the other leaf to help the plant in some way, you can- if for some reason you just can't stand the uneven look-but the more leaves it has the faster it will grow. It's fine as it is.
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