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How Do I Clean My Glass Pipe?


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If you're smoking a bong, and the stem gets clogged, and you're not getting a good hit, you can use a straw to clean it out. Just push a straw through it, and a vast majority of the resin will come out.
As to cleaning it spic and span like new again, I like to use Everclear alcohol instead of rubbing alcohol. It's stronger and does a better job.


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It might be stronger, depending on one's local laws; it's bottled in 120, 151, and 190 proof strengths to serve the various market.

But, assuming the person can buy the 190 proof version, that's 95% alcohol, and the strongest isopropyl alcohol that's readily available to the public in pharmacies, grocery stores, and department stores is "only" 91% so, yes, the 190 proof grain alcohol (Everclear) is stronger.

However, it's only ~4.4% stronger - and is considerably more expensive.


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Gosh, all this talk of smoking resin is making me think about the lean times back during high school. All desperate for some weed and scraping out bowls... Ish! That crap stinks! I'll never smoke that shit on purpose again. As an adult with an income, I prefer to smoke actual pot. That's also why I chose to start growing. I'll make sure to grow enough that I'll have plenty till the next harvest. If I have extra, I'll turn it into hash and/or butter.
We must have gone to the same high school :high-five: I was a local expert on it.
So happy I can grow good enough now. No worries.
I just finished cleaning 3 pipes. I like to keep them in rotation of cleaning so I can soak for a couple of days if I get lazy.
Dirty bizness.


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isopropyl is the alcohol we use to produce bars of resin also?
Isopropyl alcohol is a dangerous way to produce any thing you ingest. Smoke or otherwise. Be safe use ethyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is poisonous. Can cause blindness and death. Ethyl alcohol is safe for consumption. EA ever clear 190 proof grain alcohol. Learned this researching how to produce drops and oils. Please be safe.


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Usually I don't get chance to clean my glass accessories. I end up breaking them within a month or two. So my glass is almost always clean. Haha But when I do clean. I just soak in alcohol for 24 hours then clean with cotton swabs, pipe cleaners and hot water.
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