How Much Longer? Is She Ready Soon?


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Hi there, I have here my very first grow using an NYC Diesel, so I have very little insight as to whether my first plants are near completion. I don't have any magnification at the moment to be able to tell how milky the Trichomes are (have a jewellers loup in the mail for a closer look). Looking at the pistols though, a majority have turned an amber versus white.

Grow is approx 9 weeks from germination with an autoflower NYC Diesel.

Based on the posted pics, is anyone able to give me any insight :)

Thank you thank you!

Also, I have read that leaves turn yellow on autos, so it is normal at this stage./when you see smaller leaves turn yellow, it is harvest time.:Namaste:

NYC auto by pyramid seeds likes its nutes. Give it cal mag and try and keep the green colour in your leaves.

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